Excess And Deficiency – The Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Use In Creating A Love Filled Life


Exceeds and deficiencies

Q: What is the meaning of “benign?”

A: After you are eight, you will be called benign.

All your theories are thrown out. All your knowledge is lost. Give up your religion, intellect, and ego. In two words, excess or deficiency, you can find truth.

Too little and too much. These two are the foundation of the universe. There is too much and too little. Too much is better than too little. If there is not enough, it is taken. This is the ebb & flow of life, the universe and its way it turns.

We reach for what we don’t have. We push away what we think is too much. We are always in flux, with excess of this and deficiency. Too much, too little.

Too much aggression and not enough peace. Too much global warming and not enough environmental awareness. Too much single time, not enough romance. Too much giving and not enough receiving. Too much work doesn’t make enough money. Too much greed and not enough kindness. Too much work and not enough play. Too much food, not enough exercise. All of this leads to a zero sum game, where nobody gets the truth.

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Every excess has a corresponding deficit. Too much aggression is associated with it. Too much global warming has been associated with too much global cooling. Too much time alone has been associated with too much time spent together. Etc. You don’t need to do anything.

One who isn’t trustworthy takes control. They become emotional. They are reactive because they have lost faith in God, nature, or other people. They see excess or lack and want to fix it. Too little – too much

This is how we are. It is not subtle. Because we feel, we aren’t subtle. This is the root cause of all diseases. Both excess and deficiency. Excessive and inadequate intakes of certain things can lead to a body that is too dependent on one thing. This is the essence of eastern healing. The cause of illness is excess and deficiency in eastern healing. Ayurvedic medicine (Indian) says excess and deficiency are the basis of all healing.

Long-term body pain is caused by a muscle pulling too hard. One muscle was stronger than the other. Emotion can even get into the muscle tissue, causing bone and joint problems. Yoga balances the body by pulling on pulled muscle and pushing on pushed muscle. The body is able to balance excess and deficit.

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A culture change program can help a company create the values it wants. Because these values, such as religious values, encourage good behavior and discourage bad behavior, this is known as excess. There is also an excessive amount of “time management” or a lack of “creative innovations”.

There is both excess and deficit in nature, where I can rest in the arms love. If there was not excess pressure at one end seeking to balance (the deficit), the river wouldn’t flow to the ocean. Nature never finds balance, contrary to popular belief. Nature is constantly seeking balance. But if she found it, then we would all be dead.

The search for balance is what creates life. It’s the movement of excess to balance and the removal of deficiency to balance. This is what would make the world go round. Without it there wouldn’t be wind, ocean movement to feed fish and leaves shaking. Nature is constantly seeking balance. She over compensates and seeks it again.

We can see in our society, America included, trends, fashions, and cultural norms being exaggerated and balanced out by deficiencies elsewhere. It may seem like a small issue to politicians, but it isn’t to students of the laws and nature. My students see the solution and realize that it’s possible to solve every problem or circumstance. It is not possible to change but to gain a greater perspective. Rise above emotion.

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America will always be in excess, eating burgers and coke, and making squllions. I don’t criticize this. But there will always be a place on Earth that is in deficiency. Maybe Africa. Nature is always looking for balance, that’s what you can see. The world trade center was more about balance than Moslem terrorists.

The measure of excess is not the quantity. If a person has one billion dollars, they aren’t in excess. To avoid causing a compensatory effect in our lives, we must be grateful for our power and recognize it. If someone was to receive more love than they feel worthy of, they would be in excess and someone else would be in deficit. A compensation would then be made.

This equation of excess and deficit has a deeper meaning. This formulae is known as the “Golden mean”. You can Google it to get the best insight. They have distinguished the golden mean from the golden number, and the golden section. This is how specialization can lead to extinction. The philosopher, mathematician, and student of art all see their “Golden Ratio” as unique. You are a student to the laws of nature. This fragmented teaching is what you get from an encyclopedia written neophytes. You “SEE” it.

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Excessive growth is when your business grows faster than the golden means. This is what nature calls excess and will lead to a decrease in deficiency. You will attract people if you make a painting, build something, or cover a book. Your hairstyle and cut can have a huge impact on your beauty. Your face’s proportions will change. A sacred geometry is also humble to the ratios of the golden means, just like the rest of the universe. Pythagoras was one of my greatest teachers. This golden mean is his life’s study, and how he understood and constructed the universe, sacred music included.

The proportions of the golden means will open your heart. This is something that some people “understand” and others do not. Mathematicians are the greatest artists and designers. They use their eyes, not a calculator, to calculate ratios, symmetries and proportions.

This is more profound than seeing a family living in this dynamic. One child will be lazy if Dad works too much. A child who is too busy will be lazy if mum is not careful. Excess causes deficiency. Dad will be in the wrong position and one of the children will choose to support a cause. One parent who is too attached to cleanliness will lead to a lack of interest in the topic by another.

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One partner wants commitment and the other desires freedom. If the lover who desires freedom suddenly craves commitment, the other will be more willing to wait or delay to avoid committing. If you’re single and looking for love, lover or loving and you go to a party, you will get rejected, refusal, or deficiency.

The worrier who is too anxious causes the peace-loving one who is insufficient. The passive one is the aggressive. All of life is explained by excess and deficiency. Each step. There is no escape. While the fool attempts to create excess to sustain itself, fashion and social trends make it easy to market temporary brand shifts. We are more wise to be able to rise above excesses and serve a greater purpose.

Global cooling will follow any global warming. People who fight against global warming are part and parcel of the compensation. They are just as part of nature as those who cause it. Nobody is an island. All of us are part of the same huge tide. One who loses trust believes they are the cause of the tide. One who is open-hearted and can love can see that they are just a small part of something much bigger. This is called inspiration.

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This is what you can see from the top of a mountain in Nepal. Your little view of life in the city changes. You can see how you fix, compensate, go into excess, and what you should do. Your body’s chemicals also change. Acidity refers to excess and alkalinity refers to deficiency. You can grasp both, just like the acidic entrepreneur and the alkaline spiritual peacy one (alkalinity). This is called perspective. A bigger perspective.

An individual who isn’t able to see the bigger picture is part of the problem. If a leader can’t see the healthy excess or deficiency within their company, they will try to increase it (excess) and decrease it (deficiency). But, when there is both excess and deficiency, then they don’t have to do anything except to see them both.

People make terrible judgments in a relationship. Their lover will say to them, “You are too busy” or, “You do too much of this, or too little of that.” To their lover, they also say “you are lacking” because you don’t do enough. This person is part of the problem in their relationship because they are compensated with their partner. This perspective shows that they both will fail, which is what most people expect.

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Two things are worth paying attention to in your daily life. The first is the realization that what you desire to see in your partner is actually the compensation for what you love. You might say to your partner, “You need to lose weight”, which means that they have not been exercising and are not following a diet. When you talk to a friend, you might say, “Oh, my partner is so great to the children, he comes right home from work and plays games with the kids before we put them to sleep.” This indicates that there is an imbalance in health control and a dysfunctional family dynamic. The stupid person will believe they have control over the universe. The inspired person will realize that they are just as nature is in a dynamic of excesses and deficiencies.

You might also want to remember that you can be a source of compensation for your partner and other people in your life. Imagine that you and your partner are obese because they don’t exercise enough and don’t eat well at work. Look at yourself in this dynamic to see if you are in deficit or balancing their excess. When we work hard, we judge our partner as lazy. When we pass our exams, it is easy to judge our partners’ lack of success.

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People who think they can make the world look more diverse are stupid. If you’re a true student of nature’s laws, you’ll see that the more one person is successful (say success), the more someone (not always their lover) goes into deficiency. These are the forces that govern nature.

You might notice that if you have been friends with the same people for many years, you may find that one of your friends becomes jealous when you get married or achieve success. Or, they become deficient and try to undermine your efforts. This is the most common thing I’ve ever seen in business and relationships. If a lover keeps old friends, it is a sign that they are not ready to be in a new relationship.

Business is no different. Friends can be jealous of success and begin to offer advice, or even try to take some of it to their own pockets to make up for their perceived deficit. These are the times when the laws of nature can be so crucial in your life. People who are suffering from deficiency around them cannot be empowered. This can be called many things, but it is the most powerful.

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While you can put your heart into building a great relationship, your girlfriend will start talking about going out at night and, even if she’s married, meeting up at the pub. Your new partner is in deficiency and she has an unconscious mission to bring you down.

This isn’t a bad thing, and we don’t need to be harsh with our friend because of her perceived weakness. We cannot give her power, or unconsciously follow her advice, and we end up fighting with our most important partner in life, our lover. Your lover may also become deficient if you get too much. If you make your girlfriend feel like you’re having an unhealthy relationship, or if you think you are having fun with your girlfriend, he might become deficient around you. You suddenly say, “Why don’t you still love me?”

Once in a relationship, I was so happy. My lover’s mother, single and unemployed, made so many excuses to get into my daughters’ lives. My lover could not see that the mother was suffering from deficiency and was afraid her daughter’s excess (relationship with her) would leave her alone in this world. (We’re talking about a 50-plus year old mother here). My lover chose to empower her, or to “buy into” her situation, and the relationship fell to the level of her mother’s deficiency. This is how friends, family, and others who are good to you, can sabotage your existence.

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People don’t feel jealous. They just get even. They subconsciously act to make up the difference if they perceive you as having excess or deficiency. As nature does. People act in ways that reflect their feelings of being punished. The places they go to seek compensation for the hurt are complex and amazing.

This is why we need to learn how to discern. Accept that others will feel inadequate. This is part of the life cycle. As you can see, they are often deficient in one area because they are overexercised in another. They aren’t out of balance. You can see where they are out of balance, even though they might not be able to. You don’t empower them and instead steer their search elsewhere for compensation. (if you choose)

It is not easy to tell someone that you love them. They were probably deficient before you said “I Love You”. But they will be happy because we always try to balance the deficient. After a few weeks, if they keep repeating “I love you”, then they start to desire to be more deficient. They were already deficient and wanted to be more of it. Then they became uncomfortable and started to want to be deficient again.

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You must be able to accept excess in your life and allow others to suffer. You can’t be comfortable with other people’s deficiency. If you don’t, you will rescue them and tell them that you love them. Or you’ll make them dependent on you. You must be able to accept deficiency in one area of your daily life in order to live in excess.

Hard work is more time-consuming than leisure. Exceeding work means less spare time. Deficient work, excess love life. Deficient health time and excessive relationship time. You can’t get balance. Nature is not able to achieve balance. The difference is in how you honor the swings.

Imagine two children playing together and one parent believes their child is lacking, didn’t get lucky, or that the parent fears the child will have a hard time. The parent then starts to overprotect the child. They are too protective and over-provide. They believe that compensating for the child’s deficiencies will make the child happy, but in reality they are creating the problem.

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Let’s try it. Because the child is constantly being cared for, it must also have a deficit to compensate. The parent may compensate, but the child feels the same way, being treated as the parent, and even belittled. This sounds more like mumbo-jumbo new age blab but it is actually quite repetitive. Feelings of excess or deficiency can cause emotions. Reality is created when you step back from something to see that excess and deficit co-exist. Emotions can cause reactions and reactions are what cause our unhappiness. Love is the perception of excess and insufficient, both within oneself and with others. Fashion is a reaction. Trend is a fashion.

Fear not of being influenced by the perceptions of excess and/or deficiency. You must always look away from all situations so you can see both. Look for the overworker and under worker in the office. Know the perfect balance and don’t react. This is leadership. These perceptions of excess or deficiency are the root of all disease and our behavior. The universe is so simple and predictable because of these two words.

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