Love – The Unwritten Contract of God With Humanity


The international news media was abuzz with recent news about the renewal of the “three-year marriage contract” between celebrity actors Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Katie Holmes. The negotiations’ key points include

Additional $500,000 to support Scientology, the religion Tom believes in

A rise in her annual clothing allowance, from $750,000 to 2,000,000 dollars

To play a role in the Mission: Impossible movie.

Tom reportedly gave Katie a bonus of 3 million dollars when she gave birth Suri. Tom “increased the additional offspring bonus as an incentive to Katie to get pregnant again” According to Tom, he’s willing to pay Katie up to $5.5million to have a baby. He also offers a 2 million-dollar bonus for conceiving by 2011. According to reports, Katie wants at least 11million dollars if she has a baby and 5.5million if she fails.

In countries such as India, where marriage is too sacred to be brokenable, a marriage contract has never been signed. Even in the West, where marriage is declining and people prefer living-in relationships to marriage, such a contract is new. Contractual marriage appears to be the future for marriage.

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This contract is not meant to shock anyone. It is a huge sacrifice that a woman must make in order to have a child. The mother must bear the child for nine months in her body and endure the pain of having to give birth. The pain of giving birth to a child is the most severe that any human being can experience. Her responsibility continues even after the child is born. She must breastfeed the child and spend a lot of time with the child.

Katie may be asking for a fair amount of compensation for her suffering. This seems perfectly reasonable.

A World Based on Contracts

The concept of contractual marriage may give women new perspectives and help them demand the same compensation from their husbands. A woman might also see how she was cheated by her husbands in the past, as they did not receive any compensation for their child and body. Not surprising, women will demand adequate compensation after several decades of having a child and raising them.

Men would be reluctant to pay. What is the man who has children with his wife? Modern parenting is a huge responsibility. The responsibility of caring for a child’s education, feeding them, and sending them to school is on your shoulders. There is no guarantee that your child will pay you back or take care of your needs in the golden years. Worse, they may claim a substantial portion of your wealth as their legal right.

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Why is it necessary to have children?

A World without Children

Many people, especially in Europe, Japan, and Russia, seem to have realized the dangers of having children, and their population has been declining for many years. These countries are becoming older and less productive due to declining populations and an aging population.

Numerous countries are alarmed at the declining population. They have begun offering incentives to increase it, as men are reluctant to pay like Tom Cruise. Russia offers financial incentives and subsidies to encourage women having children. Australia offers a $5,000 bonus per baby, plus fortnightly additional payments, an immunization program free of charge, and recently offered to cover all child care costs for working women. Numerous European countries such as France, Italy, and Poland offer a combination of monthly payments and bonuses to their families.

It seems, however, that these incentives don’t work and people aren’t willing to have children for such a peltry incentive. The population of these countries continues to decline.

The next step is to punish those who have children. Imagine that the future will see countries with a declining population making it a law to have at minimum three children in a family. Failure to meet their national duty could result in the couple being forced to pay severe damages, lose their job, or even be jailed for their entire lives.

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This possibility is possible even though the State may not have unlimited resources to offer incentives, but has unlimited ability to impose punishment.

The mystery of Love

The new generation may be puzzled by the fact that people from their older generations have produced so many children, without any “reason” or “benefits”. Even though the population is declining, many countries in the developing world face the problem of overpopulation. There are incentives to produce fewer children in countries like India or China, where the population has already reached a billion. However, punishments for having more children can be imposed. Millions of people still suffer from the wrath and pain of the State when they give birth to new life.

Many people still believe that giving birth to children is the greatest act of happiness. A woman who has no children feels empty and unhappy. Children bring joy and love to the family. Most people still view children as flowers that fill the home with happiness and love. Parents who cannot have children will give up their most valuable possessions to have one. For the blessing of the Sufi, Emperor Akbar of Mughal Dynasty walked miles barefoot in the desert to Salim Chisti to obtain the blessing to have a child.

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Why was it that women were carrying children since the dawn of civilization and enduring immense pain in order to give birth to a new world?

Why is it that a man must work long hours to provide food for his family, while enduring many humiliations?

How many parents are able to spend their entire lives and fortunes to bring joy into the lives of their children’s lives?

They get nothing in return, except for “love”, which is what most people find more valuable than their suffering.

Your unwritten contract with God

It’s not surprising that many people have children without expecting any financial gain. They also do a lot of good deeds, such as taking care their parents, caring for their friends and family, helping the poor and the needy, fighting for the righteous, and being faithful to their spouse.

What are these people able to gain from their good deeds and what do they lose?

All questions can be answered by “love”, which seems to be the only reward for the good deeds a man does in his lifetime. It is equally true that the only punishment for doing an evil deed in a man’s life is his “withdrawal from love”. This man can amass great wealth and power, but he still fails to find love despite having all his material possessions.

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The lure of love, which appears to have been “free” by God’s unwritten agreement with humanity, can do what is impossible by spending all of the wealth in the world. God seems to be saying,

Follow my path, and I will fill your life with love.

Love is the most valuable thing in this world to most people.

Love is Life

The power of love can be so overwhelming that men follow the command to love without knowing it. Because love alone is God’s path, he has come to understand that only love can lead a man in the right direction. But, losing the path of God can lead to a loss of love, even if one gets all of the world. However, the desire for love brings him back to the right path.

Science and scriptures cannot explain life. Science and religion are both bodies and souls of truth. They complement one another, like body and soul. Contrary to popular belief, they are not incompatible. They can’t exist without one another.

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