One Sided Love – How to Avoid It


Loving someone you don’t love is like trying to reach for the star. But you keep trying …. unknown

Be kind to yourself! Love is powerful. It gives you positive energy. The world is brightened by love. This is true if love is reciprocated. Although there may be instances of unrequited affection, it is part of our human nature to love. One cannot force someone to love them. Many people fall into one-sided relationships at their own risk. It happens. Love cannot be shared. The one who loves does not love back.

Shakespeare said, “Love is both the most beautiful and the most terrifying nightmare.” “

It can be tempting, tempting, and exhausting to fall in love with someone you don’t love back. This can lead to a unhealthy lifestyle and relationship, both emotionally, and mentally. This can lead to depression, loss or interest in life, broken hearts, and even suicide.

However, loving someone shouldn’t be so difficult. Make sure that love is reciprocal and mutual before you make a commitment. It is not a good idea to fall in love and then not be able to love back. Some people long desperately for someone to fill their empty hearts. This can lead to a blind love for the first person you meet. It is tempting to use dating sites to meet people you like and share your life. There are many success stories of couples finding love and enjoying the blessings of compatibility. Be careful.

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This trap is easy to fall into.

You don’t want to feel vulnerable when you have to deal with the death or divorce of a loved-one, or if you fear facing the future alone. You should not allow someone to enter your life at this time. Face your loneliness and pain. Be clear about what you want in a partner.

These are some tips that might help you:

Are you ready to accept that he/she doesn’t want you?

We love romance, we read romantic books, we feel smitten when we watch romantic movies, and we are dreamy and bleary-eyed. Deep love can be fulfilling, uplifting, and even exhilarating. Be realistic and practical. Let go of your romantic fantasies.

Are you in love?

Sometimes, when you are searching for someone you can create a mental picture. You may see someone in your head that resembles the image you have created. Take the time to learn more about the person. It would be foolish to discover that you didn’t know the person well enough. You find out that you don’t really love the person.

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Expand your world- Keep going and growing

Unrequited Love is harder to find if we stop meeting basic emotional needs such as companionship, creativity and emotional intimacy. (which can be obtained from good friends). “..Mark Tyrrell

Keep in touch with your friends and keep them interested in what you are passionate about. Get out there with others. Don’t isolate yourself. You can do anything even if it doesn’t seem like you want to. You will find peace, and you’ll feel the kindness and caring of others. There is a vast world out there that wants to hear from you.

Get a glimpse of the future and all the options

If you continue to love this one-sided relationship, can you look back with happy memories? What are your strategies for coping with all the demands placed on you and your patience every day? Are you happy? How happy will you be, emotionally, mentally, and physically? Unrequited love is more stressful than any other stress.

Get Out of the Rut

You’re not the only one. You are not alone. Surely there is someone close to you who can help. To get past hurt feelings and face reality, it takes strength and willpower. It is your choice.

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Love someone

Sometimes, even if you don’t look, someone will find you. It takes time to build your confidence and to learn to trust and love again. It happens. There are right and wrong places to search for love.

Have the best vision of yourself

There is nothing wrong with you. Sometimes it is not you. Believe that you have much to offer someone, and can be loved for who you truly are.

Mark Tyrrell deserves my appreciation for his thoughtful article. Italicized tips are taken directly from Mark Tyrrell’s article.

Refer to Mark Tyrrell, therapist, and co-founder at Uncommon Knowledge