Pusanga – The Perfume Of Love


All of us are united by the quest for love. Imagine if you could find love – with a simple perfume. It would be magic, wouldn’t it? Continue reading!

This magical perfume is known as pusanga in the spiritual traditions of Peru’s Amazon. It is made of flowers and plants that have the ability to attract the things people want. Pusanga is known as the “love medicine of Amazon”, because it attracts love.


Beautiful scents made from herbs and flowers have been used to attract love and heal. Perfume is also derived from per fumer, which means “through smoke” in Latin. It refers to its ritual use during ceremonies for the gods that offer love’s blessings.

For example, the ancient Greeks believed sweet aromas were a way for deities to make their presence known. To allow the gods to speak through them, Delphi’s oracle priestesses would smoke bay leaf incense. This would enable them to perform divinations that would help them find love.
The arts of love have been long associated with fragrance. Geisha girls in Japan charged their services based on the amount of incense they used during love-making. In India, however, men were anointed in sandalwood and women with patchouli, amber and musk. Saffron was crushed, and then smeared under their feet.

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These rituals are possible because smell is one of the most powerful senses. It can stimulate longing, desire, and lust, stir memories, and associate love with happiness and love. Scientists discovered that the scent of a person’s face remains in our minds for up to a year, even after they have met us. After three months, visual memory drops to half, and we may forget their names. The limbic system controls our emotions. Therefore, perfumes can evoke feelings and memories.

This is pusanga’s secret. The shamans from the Amazon claim that pusanga is a way to make flowers and plants smell better. This can lead to people falling in love with their wearer. Javier Aravelo (one of these shamans) says that pusanga penetrates the spirit and can be used to attract love.

Another secret is the Doctrine of Signatures, which explains how you can find the right plants for this purpose. The Doctrine of Signatures is the belief that every plant on the planet has a “signature” or mark from the Creator to indicate its purpose. Paracelsus, an alchemist from the 6th century, was the one to discover this phenomenon. He noticed that plants’ appearances often reflect their characteristics. For example, the skullcap seeds look like small skulls. Or that the willow which grows in damp areas, cures rheumatic diseases caused by fluid buildup and damp.

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Modern herbalist Thomas Bartram says that there are many examples. It’s interesting to note that liver remedies often have yellow flowers. These include those for the nerves (blue), the spleen(orange), and the bones (white). Serpentaria (Rauwolfia), which resembles a snake, is an ancient traditional remedy for snake bites. The Doctrine of Signatures is confirmed by herbalism.


This Doctrine is the foundation for pusanga in Amazonia. This water is collected from clay pools deep within the rainforest. There are not many people there, but thousands of brightly-coloured animals that gather to drink the water. Although some of these animals may be natural enemies, they can all drink together from the clay pools. The water is rich in minerals and essential for their health. The water has the ability to attract some the most beautiful creatures to harmony.

This magical water is enhanced by special herbs, plants barks roots, roots, and leaves. These have the ability to attract people due to their names, colours, where they are grown, and even how they grow. For example, in the rainforest there are sogas vines, also known as pusanga plants. They wrap themselves around trees to grow together.

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To empower the mixture, special scented liquids such as agua Florida are added. The pusanga is empowered by singing or blowing into it, either with sacred tobacco smoke or with breath. The traditional blessing that is spoken to the pusanga in Spanish is “salud dinero and amor”, which means “health, money, and love”.

Pusanga can be used as a perfume once it has been made. A few drops of pusanga can be rubbed on the pulse points and necks, or added to a bath.


You want more love in life. If you are interested in making pusanga for yourself, these are the steps to get romance!

The Doctrine of Signatures will help you find the right plants for your needs. There are certain characteristics that all Pusanga love plants have. Many of their names have symbolic meanings, such as honeysuckle or passionflower (“honey” to indicate sweetness and “suckle” for nurturing). They are attractive and bright in colour. Their growth may also have an important role. Ivy for instance, weaves around other plants, so they become closer. You may be called by their archetypal characteristics (rose is a synonym for love, for instance). The place where the plants grow can also be a sign of something. Two plants that stand together in sunlight, within a dark forest, could indicate a bright future. Consider plants that are meaningful to you, and what you desire.

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Spend some time with each plant after you find it. Explain your needs to it and ask it to give you its energy before you take it. If possible, avoid taking roots. When you have taken a piece of the wood, thank them and maybe give them a gift, like corn or tobacco. This is important to help you build a relationship with nature and a respect attitude.

Once you have selected the plants that you like, you can take them home and place them in a glass bottle. You can either use water from ‘power places’ such as a church, or place of spiritual power, to fill the bottle. Or you can use mineral or spring water. It is best to use alcohol to preserve the pusanga for a longer period of time.

Aromatherapy oils can be added to your mix, which in traditional magic have also helpful properties. For example, you can attract a new partner by adding a few drops rose, jasmine and bergamot. Rose, vanilla and a little bit of gold glitter can be added to create a deeper love. Add sandalwood, patchouli and ginger to ignite passion in love-making after you find your mate.

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Then, you can add your prayers to it, just like the shamans did. You need to blow three times into the pusanga container while telling the perfume what you want. Wear it as a perfume and you will find more love in your daily life.