Sacred Love – Overcoming the Problems of Life and Love


There is always a problem when you’re hiking in the mountains of Nepal. Everything is always dancing with one another. Although the clouds may be low, there’s warmth. It is raining, but there is still a warm fire somewhere. Although the sun may be setting, visibility is incredible. Even though it can be cold, the wind blows away clouds and inspires photographs. Although you may feel tired, the elevation you gain may help you get closer to yourself. Although your feet and knees may be sore, you meet a Sherpa who will change your life. Although you may be irritable, taking a break allows you to meet monks along the way.

It is what you see. The person trying to create patterns will want the clouds to disappear, the soreness and the cold to melt, as well as the warmth to be warmened and the cold to become cold. They’ll want the wind to stop and their belly to clean up. One who is in love will be happy to praise the light, clarity, and the gift that exists even when it seems dark. This is the mountain for you. You can’t wish the obstacles away, it tires you and weakens your resolve. It is known that a mind that wishes for things to be different than they are is the one that has never left home.

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It’s most obvious when I stay in a village. A monastery is found on the top of the hill. An old, old monastery. The monastery is beautiful, but it’s hard to imagine trekking up there. It is up there, and I’m in a comfortable lodge. The goal is clearer than I think. I am ready to go the next day. It is six hours away. I pack my gear and eat breakfast before setting off. It would be a complete turn-around for me if I thought about how far and how high I’d have to travel. Every step is a joy, a challenge here and there, problems solved. One cannot look up at the top and think, “I wish it would be near”, and it doesn’t.

But, this day I have climbed 10 times the distance to that monastery. Because each step is an individual moment, I’m willing to climb it. However, I am not allowed to sit in the lodge and gaze up at the final result, wishing it were near. This luxury of wanting to remove obstacles, is what keeps us warm, safe and alive. We look at the hardship, then we resolve to not do it. We sit and imagine what it would have been like to walk up to the monastery. There is no reason to not have.

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Every day we face problems of this nature in our lives. Understanding our patterns and how we deal with them is essential. We don’t want to be like the trekker who sits in a warm lodge and sees the difficulties of achievement, then rationalizes it. This is the end of the spirit, and it ends the life of the average person.

To be authentic when dealing with your problems, there are two common habits you need to break.

The temptation to suppress them. The temptation to flee from them

Both offer a way out of problems. However, if a problem is not understood at its root, it will continue to be a problem tomorrow. A problem that continues day after day is a drain on the spirit.

We must understand the root cause of a problem in order to solve it. Once you have understood something, you can draw lessons from it. We must ensure that we understand the problem on the day it happens. Otherwise, the problem from yesterday will add to the problem from today, creating 2 problems.

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We can’t carry our problems forward if we don’t have the right attitude. We become hypersensitive to our own feelings and insensitive to those around us. This is a dangerous and unattractive state of mind. This makes the whole person defensive and mature. Their innocence is gone and they lose the joy and lightness of their being. The ugly woman. The ugly woman. They are beautiful people whose problems have accumulated. Some think they have lived for a lifetime, others believe it has been years. It doesn’t matter what you have, these are your natural skills. But it does matter what you have to lose.

False solutions are common. Most people are second-hand. They just keep repeating. They are second-hand because they themselves are on vacation and someone else has taken their place. A preacher, a guru, or a Lama. We can only be authentic by our experience. Your solutions will not be authentic if you follow a guru. They are second-hand. Only you know the answer.

Although you can recite Gita backwards, you can also learn the sanscrit, and the sutra. But you’re still a parrot. Repetition of words that were written. This is where you are. You believe one thing, but not the other. You are therefore mind. There is no heart. You are only a mind. Accepting or rejecting something is all that matters. Listening to the guru is not a way to be true. Every psychic is a fraud. You are sure to fall for their lies when you allow them to earn their income through your followership. The truth always disappoints.

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While you might be able to quote someone famous or tell a story from an old book, you are not solving the problems. Instead of finding the truth empty, you’re discovering the truth full of lies. If pleasure is your goal, self deception is always possible.

Because they are seeking confirmation, not understanding, the pleasure seeker is in trouble right from the beginning. Some people have reached a dead stop after searching for self-actiaulization for 30 years. They were looking for pleasure all along. Although there were moments of hope and moments of high, there were also lows. Nature made it possible.

The solution to all problems is love. Love is not a memory. Love is the solution to every problem. But what exactly is love? Nature is love because it does not defy its laws. She does not seek pleasure, or anything in return. We can mechanically say that we know what love looks like. It is a feeling created by the mind seeing things in a particular way. Nature assures us that love is present, but the mind can block it. The mind can also unblock it. The mind can become the seeker of true love if it thinks in certain ways. If it thinks in certain ways, it becomes the portal through which we can access the love we desire.

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The mind that seeks balance is not seeking pleasure. The displeasure is the balance, while the pleasure is the imbalance. You could not bear to have stolen pleasure. This is the mind that solves problems and understands them. Because the only thing you will ever experience is losing your love. All problems and stress stem from the mind that blocks love. Why? That’s because it belongs to the lonely individual, the person who is lonely and can’t bear their own company. It seeks pleasure. This is what you can see. The escape is in the search for pleasure. What is the escape from? The escape from loneliness and the problems of being human in a body.

Denail – The suppression of problems creates joy, but not happiness.
The pleasure of running away to the substitutes is not happiness, but it does create some enjoyment.
Love is the key to happiness. Love is not something you can deny or run away from.

Trees live with problems, but they solve them by being trees. Humans can live with their problems, but they can solve them by becoming another person. Humans will say, “I will become that person or this life or that faith.” But humans complicate the situation by being too involved. Each time they add another expectation, they create a disturbance.

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More disturbances can be caused by the pursuit of pleasure. They cause disturbances in the pursuit of pleasures through ambition, greed, envy, status, status, status, domination and attachment. Nature has two sides. Balance is what the pleasure seeker doesn’t know. Every pleasure comes with a level of pain. Running away and denial are two ways to increase the pleasure of running away from a problem. It also increases the pain of feeling empty and lacking love. Synthetic love, pleasure seeking to love, is sad.

The best escape from loneliness is to be with people you love. A relationship that is based on pleasure will fail. The person who seeks pleasure cannot be satisfied. They are lonely and unhappy so they seek. The seeker is always looking for peace, and they cannot have it. There is peace, and there is love. Love is only possible when you are content. They are all one in the same. The spiritual seeker, religious god hunter or sexual predator cannot love. They can’t love. They cannot love.

You must be able to live with disappointment, loneliness and love. These are not the pleasures that we seek. They are the pains that we avoid, the problems we try and escape. This is the paradox of humanity. The space in which love can exist is filled with activity. We have Ipods, televisions and telephones. Ex husbands, silly friends, and families who are in desperate need of our help. The love we fill with drugs, food, romance, and other activities is all that’s left. Fears of problems can make us feel vulnerable. We are exposed if the life style that conceals our fears is disrupted. This is the essence of the word “relationship”.

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Disturbance. Your relationship will automatically cause you to have trouble with your mind. It will reveal problems, not create them. These problems can lead to a deadening of the spirit if they become too many. We cannot love if we don’t understand the relationship. This will cause us to be disturbed and we can choose to deny it or run from it. We cannot love any more. If we don’t solve the issues of our last relationships by understanding, then there will be more disturbance. Except for sex, we are dead except for some windows into intimacy.

All love is found in emptyness. It’s easy to love a tree, or a mountain scene. We didn’t expect it. We are no longer able to love if we look at a beautiful tree and then move on to the next one. It is impossible to be innocent. If there is no understanding of the relationship, it is impossible to solve its problems.