The Inspiration to Change the World Can Get in the Way of the Inspiration to Love It


It is possible to say, “I hate that and I love this”, but it is not possible. Hate and love are not mutually exclusive. A loving person can’t love one thing but hate the other. This is the sign of an emotionally driven person or a righteous person. This is the mark of an ego.

When their partner is in love with another person, lovers become jealous and complain. They are not seeing the whole picture. Lover who loves many, many people. This is how they can switch it on and off. A loving person is open to both sexes. No religious organization can limit sexual preference.

If you love people, you will be a loving person. You will soon realize that if you feel hatred, resentment, or distaste it is not your incapacity of loving people, but a protective judgement you have placed on those who are worthy.

We have lost our love for someone when we say that we want them to be different. We cannot see the beauty if we can’t see the love. The world is exactly the same. These laws reflect the ancient mysteries of nature, and I teach them. Nature isn’t just righteous or prejudiced, it loves and the mysteries confirm this.

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There is no limit to the love you can have on this planet. Your judgment is not necessary for the earth, nor your children, partners, or friends. Your love is what the earth needs.

Nature will take care of this argument. She is smarter than David Suzuki or other activists. She puts one half of humanity on the consumption path and the other half on the conservation path. Then Yin is balanced and Yang is balanced. Both sides believe they are correct. They are right. The wise person who is committed not to righteousness but love sees they are right and does not get caught up in hatred and emotion. The wise person recognizes that nature is moving at the right rate despite two opposing forces.

Every day, nothing good happens in our lives. The religious and spiritual types live their entire lives fighting this truth. They believe there is some psychotic God who judges the good and the bad. This is absurd. This is absurd. This is paranoia.

The laws of nature, or the ancient mysteries translated into English, are not meant to be changed by you. They are given to you in order that you can see the beauty within it. This means that you must rise above the muck. If you don’t want to live in the muck, join the anti this or pro that. This is the mass consciousness. In the mass consciousness, you can’t have a loving soul. This mass consciousness is religious consciousness made up of unworthy and worthy love. This is not the way I share my thoughts with the world.

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My new book, Sacred Love, discusses a loving lifestyle. If you are always looking for ways to improve, how can you live a loving life? If you really want to make things better (and people better), then you must be separate from others. This is not love. This is mind. Mind can’t love. It can only imitate it by creating emotions, desires and expectations.

When the mind is not clear, love can be found. Yes, the mind can be happy if it has just one piece of information. It can then place the information in the brain to cause a response. This is hot, and this is cold. This is wrong, this is right. People with control issues are often religious people. They seek out more right, more spirituality or better ways to have one thought. They cannot love. They can only think or imitate love.

When you give the mind two pieces conflicting information, it will say “Oh, my brain is confused.” But if we can relax and not struggle with confusion, we can have intuition. Panic attacks occur when the mind receives two pieces of conflicting data. Go left, go right? It can’t decide. This is actually the obsession of people who have only learned half of spirituality: the new age seeker and meditator, Buddhists, yogis, a yogi, a Buddhist, a born-again Christian who learned from a book on life.

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If they don’t have the right or left answers, the books won’t sell. The books tell the reader that “this is better than this” and so the reader reads, their mind is fed with garbage, and they believe that they are more fortunate. They lost their love. It will be obvious. Many people who practice yoga and meditate, as well as being born again or Buddhist new learners, have poor relationships, bad emotional relationships, and bad health. They had an idea of something wrong and they now have a different way to see it. They did not change their minds, except for the justification.

I want to teach you something different. I want to teach you something different than the Guru, the yoga book, or the Buddhist lecturer on peace. I want to bring you peace. Peace is only possible when the mind becomes confused. It is possible to understand why a mind that has only one thought feels happy because it “knows”. But this mind cannot love. Once you have a certain knowledge, you are bugged.

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You can only find the first law in nature if you are looking for love. The first law is the only one. One simple law. This law states that everything has two sides. The mind can only be comfortable when it ignores the first law. The mind will react violently to news that is not truthful. The mind fears losing itself (that’s why it exists), It panics when it doesn’t have balanced information and it avoids relationships that contain truth. The mind is like a God and seeks out half truth. This feeds the ego, just like a religious God.

The law of balance teaches you that everything has two sides. This knowledge is what unlocks the mysteries of the universe. The secrets of the great mysteries are still available to the world, even though they were destroyed in Alexandria, Egypt. To live a loving life, you must be a warrior to overcome religious dogma and one-sided information. You must be open to the possibility that 6 billion people won’t get it. About 100,000 people do.

Your mind will get balanced information such as: The Amazon forest needs to be protected, and the Amazon forest needs to be chopped, then it is truly cheesed off. What is the matter? What are you trying to say? Are you stating two opposite truths? Can’t be. This is love. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can be loved. Your mind may hate some things, so you say “I Love You” as long as —-“, or “I Love You – If”.

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There is also conditional love. Mind love. This is not true love. It is not sacred love. Most people imitate love. People imitate love. The mind is happy because it knows exactly what it wants. Love and hate cannot exist in the same body. Both the ego and love can’t be in control at the same moment.

People take courses, do yoga, read new books, and attend lectures to improve their skills. But there’s a problem. All of those teachings are lies. Even teachers are lairs. They don’t have the ability to live what they teach. They act like actors and sell ideas. People believe that these ideas are legitimate. They are lying.

There are two sides to a happy person. Nature is a guarantee of that. The 10 commandments, Buddhist dharma, Yama and Niyama of Yoga, were never lived by anyone. They never did the things they preached. Never. These teachings are religious in nature and are meant to inspire us, but they will never work. These teachings are meant to satisfy the ego, feed the mind happiness and satisfy our desire to be immortal. This is a fabrication.

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These teachings are not truthful. These teachings are valuable because they keep you in control. These teachings will not give you love. Not one, not one, of any kind. They will only show you how to aspire to it, emulate it and hope for it.

I’m not against religious teachings. This is a completely different topic. Talking about being in love, living in love, and being authentic, trusting that if you let your mind wander, you will be fine.

This is something I cannot teach sitting in an office, or in a fancy hotel doing the collapse process. Because I can teach love and mystery in the natural world, the ego has been disarmed. Your clothes won’t be made by Gucci, you’ll sweat, your underpants may be stained, and your ego shoes covered in cowdung. The ego can’t hold it. But underneath all that, there is a beautiful, precious and magnificent smile. There you have it, love.

I hope you can see the difference. Love is not something you wish to achieve. You can only love what is already there, not what you wish it to be. To be a loving person, you will need to let go of so many things you have learned. All that was done to protect you. When you love, you realize how important you really are and how beautiful this entire, marvelous, delicious universe is right in front of your eyes, as reflected in a leaf from the tree or in the fingers of a baby’s nails. It’s so simple, but it is such an amazing journey.

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As part of this article I would like to share my global vision. I hope you will find it “GOOD and BAD” and feel the love behind it. It is impossible to stop judging. This is dangerous and psychotic.

You can have a good laugh when you hear someone saying “don’t judge”.