The Law of Love – The Great Mercy of God(dess) And the Universal Principles of Love


Spirit is the source of unconditional and universal love. Unconditional love is unconditional and gives itself away without regard to self. The law of love is so powerful that it causes avalanches to those who try to justify living outside of this law. This is why the material world is filled with suffering, even when there is wealth and affluence. Closed-minded religious doctrines and materialistic thinking are both a rejection of the scientifically supported (yes!) truths. The scientifically proved realities of the spiritual dimension are, and have been throughout history, the source of great suffering, fear, anxiety, confusion, war and loneliness.

Love is patient and kind. It is kind. (1 Corinthians 13:4-13) The supreme commandment of Christianity is the true Christianity. The highest law is divine love. Divine love, like an ambulance that can legally pass under a red light to get to its destination, activates a miracle power and “zero-point” energy that can surpass the physical laws that limit one’s ability.

The law of Love states that all people are God’s children and are entitled to all good and wonderful things. All human beings, regardless of culture, religion, or country. This love is the true heritage of all human beings and brings us joy and abundance. These truths also apply to the lower species and animals, as they are equally valuable to God(dess), Mother Earth (Gaia) and all other creatures. All of them were created by God(dess), who through the hard work of many eons worth of evolution, was loving. Humankind owes so much to the animal kingdom, that it is impossible to pay back all they have endured and will continue to endure for us. Because they have earned their place in paradise, the animals often find themselves in higher spheres of heaven.

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Love flows in like a storm tide into an empty pool if you let go of your ego. While the ego would like to claim the credit, it only marred and distorted the goodness of God’s love and truth that abides in the pure heart. Real divine love is the foundation of God’s truth, law of abundance and goodness. Real love is the highest law and highest meditation. It is the goal of all life, the key to all things, and possibly the most important secret behind “The Secret”. God’s law is love, the law of miracles. Because miracles cannot really happen without the high vibrational environment of unconditional love, the law of love is also the law of miracles. The miracle of love is the missing link, or “wholeness”, that every person has searched for without ever knowing what they really want.

The supreme commandment says you must love God with all of your heart, strength, and soul. Another law states that you should love your neighbor as yourself. All constructive and successful activity is based on love.

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36 “Teacher” is the greatest commandment in the law. 37 Jesus told him, “You will love the Lord your God with your whole heart, your soul, your mind, and your entire being.”
38 “This is The First and Great Commandment.
39 “And the second is similar: ‘You shall be kind to your neighbor as yourself.
40 “All the Law and Prophets are hung on these two commandments.”
(Matt 22: 36-40)

Real Christianity is very, very rare. Because the ideal of true Christianity is so transcendent and high-quality, I cannot claim to be a Christian.

True Christianity does not imply that everyone who doesn’t believe in the Christian faith will end up in hell. While every major religion of every culture has a heart full of gold, they often think that everyone else’s religions are wrong. If Christians condemn Moslems and Christians condemn Christians, which group is right? Both are wrong, as any religious condemnation or praise of another path to God must be totally false.

It is clear that God(dess), exists in all major religions. Anybody who views another major religion as “satanic”, “not of God” (or “not in Scripture”) is guilty of ethnocentric bigotry, prejudice and a backwards nature. People who are too busy criticizing other cultures or other ways of living instead of lovingly appreciating them, are most likely backwards.

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The low vibrations of prejudicial condemnation, intolerance, closed-mindedness and closed-mindedness cannot be accepted into the higher vibrational realms of heaven. Only with the attitude of a child with all-embracing love and purity can one reach the higher spheres. A closed-minded materialism, closed-minded religion, ethnocentric hatred, and intolerance is the only way to go to hell. These states of inharmonious vibration attract very bad or evil forces and an afterlife at lower spheres full of darkness, negative entities and primitive life forms. However, there is no “hell”, “devil” or universal conspiracy for evil, as some “Christians” believe.

True Christianity is selling all your goods and giving them away to the poor. It’s about loving God in constant meditation and serving others, regardless of their faith, without expecting any return on investment. All selfishness and egotism are put aside and the mind is cleansed of false beliefs and misinformations.

This incredible life is possible only because of who? You need only look at the most holy men, holy woman and avatars of India as well as some of the greatest saints to ever live such Mother Teresa, whose true Christianity is so prolific that I cannot even mention her name without feeling deeply humbled.

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Charity should be unconditional love in action

1 Although I speak with both angels and men, and do not have charity (unconditional love), my voice is like a sounding brass or a tinkling drum.
2 Even though I possess the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries; and even though I have all faith so that I could lift mountains, and don’t have charity (unconditional affection), I am not.
3 And even though I give all my goods to the poor and burn my body, I have no charity (unconditional love) and it does not profit me anything.
4 Charity (unconditional Love) is patient and kind; charity is unconditional. Charity (unconditional Love) is not proud of itself.
5 Don’t behave unseemly, don’t seek her own, doesn’t easily be provoked, and thinketh no evil.
6 Do not rejoice in iniquity but rejoice in the truth
7 Beareth all things; believeth all that is possible, hopes for all things, and endureth all that is.
8 Charity (unconditional love), never fails: but they will fail whether prophecies are made; tongues will cease; knowledge will vanish if there is any.
9 We know in part and we prophesy only in part.
10 When the perfect comes, all that is part of it will be destroyed.
11 I spoke as a kid, understood as a boy, thought as a boy when I grew up, but I gave up childish things once I was a man.
12 Now we see through a darkened glass; but then, face to face. I now know part of what I know; but I will eventually know as much as I already know.
13 Now abideth hope, faith, charity (unconditional Love), these three; but charity (unconditional Love) is the greatest.

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(1 Corinthians 13:1-13)

I must try to forget my ego and trust God to direct my paths with the greatest wisdom. You can only be considered a true Christian if you live the above lifestyle and follow the two laws of love. This requires a life dedicated to meditation and enthusiastic devotion to God. It also means loving and giving back to others, bhakti yoga or karma yoga. This is not to say that I am lukewarm, or half-hearted.

It is so sweet to be able to give freely and spontaneously of your heart! Help others to find what they need, feed the hungry, and help the poor. It is amazing how fortunate people are to have such opportunities and how disappointing it is when they can’t or won’t be of such heart-satisfying service. Despite the fact that I cannot do much, I am able to feel sadness and hope that someday I can bring more joy into the lives of others.

These truths can be beautifully and gloriously displayed in the spiritual marriage, which is a relationship that is based on unconditional love and divine union. It is a relationship where sensuality is sacrificed for the greater fulfillments of ecstatic and eternal love. To achieve unconditional love, it is essential to preserve and transmute sexual energy and fluids.

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Love is what all living beings desire, it is the reality that all religions are based on, and it is the true purpose and meaning in life. Your life is a reflection of your emotional outlook. The reality of the soul is created in one’s own life. It is vital to live in a state of unconditional love as often as possible and to act from the heart to fulfill the soul’s purpose.