The Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Soulful Love


Giving and receiving Absoulute Love

Some souls can gift Absoulute love to others as well. Spirit says there are times when we believe we are giving Absoulute Love, but it is disguised by conditions or expectations about how other souls should behave. Conditional love is a form of gifting. This means that if the soul acts or behaves in a way that we perceive, we give that soul love. We try to give the illusion of withholding our love if they are not being what we perceive them to be.

This Absoulute Love is a constant flowing resonance that those souls who have embraced and treasured the Soul Remembering Through Live Experience in Absoulute Love will find, an experience they can choose to BE in, a way to BE, a way to live. Giving and receiving are one in the cocreative forces that make up the Universe and LIFE. This sense of gratitude is what we are in Ah! Or Awe! When we are in the resonance of Absoulute Love, it is with, for, or of LIFE. Absoulute love flows seamlessly and effortlessly from our soul to other souls and to the Universe when we are in this ambiance. It then returns to us in a continuous cycle or circle of Absoulute love.

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These souls live in the belief that Absoulute love is not shown to them, and they choose The Ego Self or the Soul “Rabbit Hole”, which allows them to believe the illusion of “withholding” their Absoulute love. This phenomenon is something I should be familiar with, since I was once a part of it. I believed that Absoulute Love was not worthy of my attention, so I decided to live in the illusion of “withholding” it. When I lived in the illusion of being separate from all souls and everything, this was what I believed in The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole”.

Spirit describes this moment in my Life Experience as a time when I “decided” or cut off any possibility of Absoulute love in my LIFE. I “decided” while resonating with The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole”, as a part of the game of LIFE that I wasn’t worthy or good enough to receive Absoulute love. This happened when I was six years old. At six years old, I was an excellent speller in the English language of earth dimensions and had won school’s spelling bee. My mother was proud of me, and said that I should bring this certificate to my father when he comes home.

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Spiritually speaking, now I realize that my father is the kind of person that, when he returns home from work, his method of meditation is to lie down in front the T.V. He would sit in his favorite chair and read the mail. This was his method of meditation. As a six-year-old, who had only been in this earth dimension for a short time, I was unable to understand and know this wisdom. This wisdom comes from the Pure Consciousness, the Cosmic Infinite Circle, the Universal Source, of All That Is. We are all inclusively one sense of inner wisdom. I chose this as my choice of being, having not been able to embrace the earth dimensional duality Ego and the Soul. When I ran into the room, just after my dad returned from earth dimensional night, and he was sitting in his chair, with his meditative focus on the mail and me waving my certificate, he didn’t acknowledge me. That moment was when I realized that the earth dimensional duality Ego Self, the Soul, perceiving it as separate, meant that I was not worthy to receive any Absoulute love. From that moment, I began to live my life in a way that proved that I wasn’t good enough.

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When events occurred to bring forth a Soul Remembering such as the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience (Absolute Love) through which I was picked on by kids at school, or that this soul wouldn’t play with me or be a friend to me, instead of choosing to remember, embrace and treasure the Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love, I would feel the thoughtenergy to myself as “SEE!” Take a look at what they did. See they won’t be my friend or pick on me. Later, I was separated from my ex-husband. He was in the illusion that he wasn’t ready to become a father. Instead of remembering, cherishing, and treasure this Soul Remembering Through Live Experience in Absoulute love, it was “See, I’m not good enough.

I found that I was not good enough in The Ego Self of The Soul, and I started to see myself as separate from Absoulute Love, and All That Is, right from the time I was six years old. Over many years, I learned how to play the role of an illusionary victim. I sought out other souls to join me in The Ego Self of Soul Rabbit Hole I was creating. It was so easy that I developed a friendship with someone who could play the role of the illusionary victim at one point in my LIFE. Our sole purpose for being friends was to spend money, sit together while our children played, and then have Ego Selfs of Soul Rabbit Hole fits about how awful our husbands were, and how terrible life is. In other words, I lived my entire life as a six-year-old for many years on this earth dimension.

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That was the weekend I attended a spiritual seminar. It was then that I began the five-year earth dimension period of what we refer to as the Initiation of Ascended Mastery.

The Illusion that We Are Separated From Absoulute Love

Spirit shares with us the belief that we are not worthy to receive Absoulute love. This belief is what keeps us from experiencing, gifting and remembering the Soul Rememberings we have forgotten in this game of LIFE (Living infinitely From Experience).

The belief in the axiom “I am not worthy of Absoulute love” Spirit imparts is what creates a perceptional illusion that makes us feel unworthy. Just as I used to choose unconsciously to BE, so too do we seek out relationships to support the illusion of The Ego Self of our Soul, which says we are separate from all souls, apart from All That Is, unworthy of Absoulute love. We believe we are somehow other than always, in all ways connected. This is what causes the illusionary emotional disconnect or disease.

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The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing explains to us that our feelings of feeling like we are in a shell in LIFE are caused by our perception that we are somehow disconnected from All That Is. This creates the illusion that our soul is disconnected. It is only that illusion that we are somehow different from The Pure Consciousness in the Cosmic Infinite Circle, the Universal Source of all That Is that we emanate and are. This keeps us feeling disconnected and unloved. It is our choice to remain in the illusions of disconnection that prevents us from being connected, From being All That Is, or to step into and BE all that we are, In All Ways.

BEing Absoulute Love

This is how we can shift it. How can we reach a resonance with Absoulute Love Spirit had previously invited us to share with them that Absoulute Love is found through 6ratitude. Spirit suggests that we look outward rather than inward when we are in 6ratitude, which is an illusionary way of’seeking’ Absoulute Love. The shift to Absoulute Love is a result of the inner transformation. It’s seeing ourselves as valuable, worthy, and Absoulutely Loving (Loveable means able to be Absoulute love) in our soul. Relationships that truly honor our light are worthy. All of the wonder and awe of All That is in the Universal are ours for this Life Experience.

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This is why we are entitled to it. Absoulute Love exists. This is our very essence and the source of all that we are. We are the Pure Consciousness in the Cosmic Infinite Circle, the Universal Source for All That Is that resides within Absoulute Love. Therefore, we are not limited to Absoulute Love. This Absoulute love for our soul does not resonate with The Ego Self, which perceives itself as separate. It is a deep inner wisdom that recognizes we all are Divine BEings. This comes from the Pure Consciousness in the Cosmic Infinite Circle, the Universal Source for All That Is.

How can we be this? The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing reveals the wisdom that we can be this. Since we emanated from The Pure Consciousness the Cosmic Ifinite circle of the UniversalSource of All That Is that resides within Absoulute Love and since we are The Pure Consciousness The Cosmic Ifinite circle of the UniversalSource of All That Is that resides within Absoulute Love, how can we possibly be anything else than already and always, In all Ways, connected with Spirit and receive their guidance? Spirit calls us to be the best version of ourselves, to BE Absoulute love Be ever presently seeing the beauty in us and let it shine out from within us like a beacon from a lighthouse.

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Recognize how beautiful you are as an expression of God’s light. Take a deep breath in, inhale, and let this message infuse your soul, your spirit. The beautiful light of who and what you are flows just a foot from the crown of your head to the feet and continues to your heart center, where it encircles your aura. You can truly know your inner wisdom, your inner knowing and feel the sensation of being in touch with your soul.

Spirit calls us to nurture our spiritual child, the spiritual child in us. According to the Soul Remembering Through Love Experience in Absoulute Love, the reason we might feel the illusion that we have difficulty embracing our inner spiritual child with Absoulute Love may be because we, The Ego Self in the Soul, create the illusion that fear. We fear the bliss that comes with BEing Absoulute Love. We fear that we cannot BE, gift, or receive Absoulute love. If we take that one step to Spiritual Oneness, it will bring forth our light, and that it is the Infinitely Spiritual Being of Light that we are illusionarily afraid of.

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Our deepest fear lies within The Ego Self. Our deepest fear is the realization that we are infinitely ambrosial. We fear our light and not The Ego Self in the Soul. We ask ourselves: “Who am I to be intelligent, all-knowing, talented, and majestic?” Rather, we are free to BE so. We are the inner child of the Spiritual Oneness Of All That Is. By playing the game “Being Small”, we will no longer have to serve or gift the Universe.

We are all created to shine just like children. Because we are who we are, we were born to create the beautiful Absoulute Love and All That Is. We chose to live here to share, give, and receive the Absoulute Love Experience. Our soul is home to Spirit or Divine Consciousness. It is the essence and source of LIFE (Living infinitely from Experience). We always have an unbroken connection to the Universal Source of which our emanations come from, no matter how dim or small that connection may seem to us within The Ego Self.

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What would we expect from a flower if it was not a flower? Because a flower is what it is, a bloom is a blossom. It is not possible to ask it, or make it a tree or mountain. This understanding will help us to see that we are an infinitely spiritual light BEing of infinite Absoulute Love in Spiritual Unity with all, in all, and for all. Who are we to pretend or ask to be something we are not? This is the hypnocrite Spirit writes about in the Soul Remembering Through Live Experience in Choice. It’s the act of trying to be something that we are not. Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing in Infinite Absoulute Loving in Spiritual Oneness With All, for all. It is not something that is limited to a few of us, it is all around us. As we shine our light, we give other souls the opportunity to choose to be the same. When we let go of our illusionary fears and blend The Ego Self and the Soul into the Whole, we become Spiritual Oneness. Our presence instantly liberates all those around us who touch, move and inspire with our inner light.

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When we make the conscious decision to accept Absoulute love, the channel opens and we can see, feel and BE Absoulute love in all its infinite forms. The illusion of being disconnected or unable to receive it has now fallen away leaving us with the connection of Spirit to All That Is, which is the joy and bliss that is Absoulute LOVE.

Spirit then invites us to decide that we’re good enough to receive their guidance. If we are All That Is, how can we not be worthy to receive Absoulute Love from Spirit in all its forms? Absoulute Love is worthy because we are Absoulute Love. Are you ready to accept love’s invitation. We wish you would.

Giving, receiving, and BEing Absoulute love calls us to be open to all the gifts that this Absoulute LOVE has to give us. It gives us the gift of Infinite Soulful bliss and Spiritual Oneness. We are grateful to you for accepting the Absoulute Love from the Universe so freely in this moment. You are invited to the heart of Absoulute Love. Life is an experience. It’s not about reaching a destination. Absoulute Love is a journey that doesn’t revolve around reaching a destination. We are Absoulute Love.

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The Shift So Deep

I can recall one of the most recent axiomal changes that took place for me around four earth dimensions ago. Steve Rother is a man who channels Spirit through what he calls The Group. As I was listening to his channel, this song came on. This song was sung by a woman and I felt that every word was right for me. I was so touched by the words of her song that I started to weep. It was the confirmation that my inner child was healing. I was free from being alone. I was loved and I am Absoulutely Love. It was the initiation I would later receive through Spirit to what we refer to here on earth as Ascended Mastery.

As I was free to choose to manifest the money, it wasn’t available to me. But I received messages from Spirit indicating that I would be able to know when this CD would come to me and how to manifest the money to get it. For the past several Earth dimensional years, I had the song’s sample on my computer. I have used it as a reminder of the beautiful words and the messages it contained. It started playing in my soul until it was no longer needed. It was incredible then, and another confirmation from Spirit when my ex-husband said the same thing about a favorite music album of his. To listen to the CD, I borrowed it from my husband to put it on my computer. He could also keep it in his car while I could still listen to it. The CD sat in my room for many days because I was too busy to put it on my computer. I told him I forgot to do it and he asked if he wanted it back so that I could finish it later. He replied, “It’s OK. As long as you hear the song within yourself, even if it is somewhere else, it’s still within.”

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It was only recently that the healing of the inner child through spiritual imagination and inspiration that Spirit writes about in the Soul Remembering Through Live Experience in Inspiration became the topic of our ongoing Spiritual Circle. I also remembered Spirits guidance that would help me know when I was supposed to buy the CD of this song. I had fallen in Absoulute Love with an earth dimensional year before that had shifted me. I believe that this was the right moment to get this and share it. The money was available to me immediately and I purchased the CD. We used them in our spiritual circle. It was the most incredible transformation that I have ever experienced, aside from mine. The healing, beauty, and shift in axiomal alignment that occurred that evening, just by playing one song, was amazing. The spiritual gift that this woman has of singing these words transcends any earth dimension. I am grateful to her for sharing her amazing gift with us all in R.E.S.T. Remember, Embrace, Soulfully Treasure. All that is required to live in the light of our true selves. She inspires me. Shaina Noll is her name. The song she sings is “How Can Anyone?”

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Although it is a simple song with few words, its message is so inspiring that it touches and moves all who hear it. It is a healing song for the inner child. To hear Shaina’s beautiful song, I invite you to visit her website. Anyone can listen to the song sample for “How Can Anyone” below. You can listen to her beautiful music by scrolling down approximately half the way to the Songs for the Inner Child CD song sample page. Click on the “How Could Anyone?” button. title. Shaina’s CD Songs for the Inner Child is available for purchase. You can find her other CDs on this webpage.

Spirit states that the only thing that keeps creative energies of axiomal align for expanded consciousness, increased awareness and spiritual oneness alive is an appreciation of receiving followed by a soulful response. The Universe will continue to give us gifts as long as we are open to receiving them. It takes powerful events, such as the one that I shared with you, or the illusion of something “bad”, such as a loss or soul who returns home to the Spiritual Universe, for us to reach that point where our axioms are being shifted. Spirit calls this a spiritual 2×4. Spirit points out that these events, when seen through the eyes spiritual 2 x 4, are simply gifts that help us remember who we are.

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The Prayer of St. Francis also mentions the Infinitely Spiritual light BEing. It is in this prayer that it is said that we receive our gifting. Spirit wants to know what thoughtenergy and what axioms we are gifting to our souls and the LIFE experience that we choose. What areas of LIFE (Living infinitely from Experience) are you choosing to align with your soul in every moment? What is the first step to unlock Infinite Possibilities for us? We are the Infinite Circle. It’s our choice. Are you willing to choose AbSOULUte soulful love in every way?