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Insurance Marketing Ideas For Agents and Agencies – Anatomy of a Sales Letter

The promotional sales letter, like the PB&J sandwich is a timeless and powerful sales tool. It’s a reliable tool that does not require programming, design or printing. You can even mail merge it and print directly from your home office. This is what I did when I started my insurance copywriting company five years ago. I sent my […]

Captive Insurance Agents – How to Keep Clients in THIS Economy

There is blood on the streets. Carnage. Everybody loses their home, business or job. We’re not hearing much more than that. These are difficult times to be an agent, let’s face the truth. Even the most fervent, optimistic optimists may be questioning their insanity. How should I respond to the current economy? First, let’s be real. These face some difficult […]

Different Wealth Management Tips to Manage Your Money

Wealth management goes beyond just making ends meet. To avoid financial distress, it is important to master the art of managing your finances. Financial management involves a lot of things, such as proper investments, saving for retirement and decreasing your debts. It also requires you to maintain and adhere to a budget according to your income. You […]

Investing in Mutual Funds Can Form The Backbone of Your Retirement Plan

Mutual funds play an important role in retirement planning The government will take care of most aspects of your retirement if you are a Central Government employee. Retirement planning is important for those who work in the private or self-employed sectors. Mutual funds are one of few investment options that can beat inflation. It is crucial that […]

The Basics of Mutual Funds

This article will help you if you’re new to investing and financial markets. This article will give you an overview of mutual funds and explain how you can buy mutual funds. This article will explain the main benefits of this investment option. What’s a Mutual Fund? Mutual funds don’t have to be complicated or intimidating. A mutual fund is […]