Capital One Spark Cash Plus Business Credit Card Review

Capital One Spark Cash Plus credit card provides an outstanding rewards rate, no foreign transaction fees and an impressive welcome bonus – but not everyone qualifies; to qualify you must have impeccable credit as well as pay off the balance each month. As a charge card user, you are expected to clear your balance every […]

Capital One Platinum Card Review

The Platinum Card is an unsecured credit card designed to assist those with fair to average credit in building or rebuilding their scores without incurring annual fees or earning rewards. Furthermore, this card may offer the possibility for an increase in their credit limit after six months. Though lacking many of the amenities associated with […]

A Traveler’s Guide to the Best Frequent Flyer Programs

Considerations should be given when selecting an airline loyalty program, according to WalletHub’s rankings of top 10 programs comparing 21 key metrics with regard to light, average and frequent flyer budgets. These factors include the value and ease of claiming rewards, booking award flights, and what elite members can enjoy onboard. 1. Alaska Airlines Alaska […]

How to Get Cash Back From a Credit Card

Credit cards that offer cash back rewards are an effective way to save money on everyday purchases, whether in the form of statement credits or points redeemable for gift cards and travel experiences. Your cash back can be redeemed through various methods, including statement credits, checks or bank transfers. However, it is wise to avoid […]

Wells Fargo Active Cash Vs Citi Double Cash

People who prioritize simplicity may prefer the Wells Fargo Active Cash card. Its 2% rate applies across the board, unlike some cash back cards that apply a lower base rate only in certain categories, and also provides handy extras such as cell phone protection. Rewards credit cards typically provide multiple redemption options, from statement credits […]

Best Credit Cards For Online Shopping

There are various credit cards that provide rewards for online shopping. Some even come equipped with special features, like virtual card capabilities and purchase protection. When selecting an online shopping credit card, look for one with rewarding spending habits and low interest rates so you can pay off your balance in a timely manner. Store […]

Five Credit Card Risks You Should Be Aware Of

Credit cards provide access to revolving debt that you can spend up to an agreed limit, with repayment being made each month. But their misuse can incur costly interest charges and compromise your credit score. Credit cards offer many rewards and convenience if used responsibly; but should you get one? 1. They’re a convenient way […]

How to Maximize Rewards on an International Trip

Travel rewards credit cards offer the easiest way to rack up miles and points. Many offer multiple airline and hotel transfer partners so that you can maximize your earnings potential. Redeeming flexible credit card points for travel can often prove more valuable than cash. Here are a few strategies for making the most out of […]