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Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

As its name implies, this card is intended for small business owners. Solo entrepreneurs and freelancers may also qualify; however, keep in mind that it doesn’t include business-specific perks. With its generous sign-up bonus, strong rewards rates, flexible redemption options and unique perks, this business credit card stands out as a top pick among others […]

Best Credit Cards For Wholesale Clubs

The ideal credit cards for wholesale club shopping are those which provide ample rewards, including generous cash back rates. A branded card from your warehouse club may provide the most value; however, general cash back cards should also be considered. Discover It offers 5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories – such as wholesale clubs. […]

What Do the 3 Credit Report Bureaus Do?

Equifax(r), Experian(r), and TransUnion (r). They’re three major credit bureaus which gather data to create your credit reports and determine your scores. Consumer reporting agencies sell your information to lenders, employers and landlords – but how exactly do they collect it all? What they do Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are three credit bureaus that collect […]

How Long Does it Take to Increase Your Credit Score?

Maintaining an excellent credit score offers many advantages. It can help you qualify for loans, mortgages and credit cards at lower interest rates; lower the cost of car insurance; and make renting an apartment or purchasing real estate easier. Raising your credit score takes time, but consistency is key. Making payments on time and lowering […]

What Is a Secured Credit Card Deposit?

Most secured credit cards require an initial security deposit when opening. This amount serves as your credit limit and will typically be returned when closing or upgrading to an unsecured card after showing responsible use over time. Your deposit payment options generally include bank account transfer, check or money order. How much you owe will […]

Business Credit Cards Vs Personal Credit Cards

Business credit cards are an ideal way to separate personal and professional spending, and may offer special perks tailored to small-business owners. But the way in which you use it matters as business purchases will be reported to different credit bureaus, which could have different impacts on your score. Furthermore, business cards may offer enhanced […]

How International Students Can Get a Credit Card

International students studying in the US can use credit cards as an effective tool to build their credit history, making accessing other financial products such as loans or mortgages much simpler in the future. Most credit cards require an SSN for approval; however, some card issuers accept an ITIN as an acceptable alternative. Eligibility requirements […]

Can You Pay a Credit Card With Another Credit Card?

Credit card companies tend not to permit customers to directly pay off their debt with another credit card as it can be cost prohibitive and lead to debt revolving through accounts indefinitely. Balance transfers and cash advances offer solutions, and can potentially save money while earning rewards – however they should only be used with […]

Can You Pay College Tuition With a Credit Card?

WalletHub reports that most colleges charge fees for credit card payments. Notable exceptions are part-time students at Boston University who accept them without charge and schools using third-party payment systems such as Plastiq that assess an additional percentage fee on payment amounts. Credit cards provide rewards, but paying tuition with plastic may not be your […]