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How to Choose a Card for European Travel

An appropriate card can save money and give peace of mind when traveling in Europe. These cards typically don’t charge foreign transaction fees and come equipped with travel insurance policies such as trip cancellation or interruption coverage and lost luggage protection – not to mention bonus points! Credit cards often provide airport lounge access, priority […]

Chase Slate Edge Benefits Guide

Chase Slate Edge card offers long-term 0% APR promotions without rewards programs, making it ideal for people looking for long-term financing without earning rewards. Unfortunately, however, its foreign transaction fee may make it less appealing for frequent travelers. It can also help those with fair credit improve their score through its 0% intro rate on […]

Understanding Purchase APRs

Understanding Purchase APRs can help you better manage your credit card balance. A purchase APR refers to the rate at which unpaid purchases increase each billing cycle if your statement balance isn’t fully paid by its due date. Attractively lowering your purchase APR requires improving credit scores and making on-time payments – here’s how you […]

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card benefits guide

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card features include exceptional rewards for dining, entertainment and popular streaming services as well as grocery store purchases – with no annual fee and generous welcome bonuses for both. If your leisure spending falls within these categories, this card could be an ideal fit. Its cash back rates are […]

Ink Business Cash Card benefits guide

The Ink Business Cash Card provides small businesses with an exceptional set of advantages to help save money and ensure their survival. With strong earning rates in categories like office supplies stores and telecom services as well as travel protections, this card provides many cost-cutting advantages for small businesses. Includes cellphone coverage, primary rental car […]

Capital One Platinum Secured Benefits guide

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card works like any regular credit card but with the added advantage of improving credit. It features several helpful tools such as low security deposits and automatic credit limit increases. There is no annual fee; however there is a $40 late payment and balance transfer fee. No annual fee Capital […]

Why you should use your issuer’s travel portal?

Credit card issuers have taken on the role of travel agent by offering portals through which cardholders can book flights, hotels, rental cars and tours with points earned on their cards. Over time these portals have improved dramatically and present many advantages. But do they provide the ideal options for every booking? 1. Easy to […]