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What Does No Charge After Deductible Mean Health Insurance?

When selecting a health plan, it’s essential to understand deductibles and copays. A deductible refers to the amount that must be paid before insurance coverage kicks in; copays are payments you make after meeting your deductible amount. Copays are flat amounts (for instance $20) you pay when visiting the doctor; often these payments count towards […]

How to Get a TRICARE Insurance Card

TRICARE is a health care program for active duty service members, retirees and their families that offers health plans, special programs, prescription coverage and dental coverage. Your TRICARE ID card comes equipped with an 11-digit Department of Defense Benefits Number (DBN), which serves to validate eligibility and file claims. In addition, it displays which type […]

Will Insurance Pay For Stolen Car If Keys Were in It?

Losing track of your keys can quickly turn into having a stolen car, so it is wise to understand all your coverage options well in advance of such an incident occurring. Comprehensive, specified perils and all-perils car policies typically cover theft of a vehicle’s contents including key fob. Furthermore, personal property coverage on homeowners or […]

Can You Be Covered By 2 Health Insurances?

Have multiple health insurance plans is an increasingly popular trend. Supplementary policies – also referred to as “top-up” or “super top-up” insurance policies – help cover medical expenses not covered by primary healthcare plans. Before deciding to carry two plans, it is important to carefully consider both present and future healthcare needs as this usually […]

USAA Insurance Without Military?

USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is a financial services company offering insurance, banking and investment products tailored to military members and their families. Products offered include auto and home insurance policies as well as bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages – while investments include mutual funds and 529 college savings plans. Only active duty military […]