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How to Sell Disability Insurance – Plan Design Key to Corporate Executive Market

The corporate executive market is a great place to start if you are looking for a lucrative market in disability insurance. Many of the millions of small and mid-sized businesses in America offer no income protection for employees with disabilities. Even those who do offer coverage, it is often insufficient, especially for upper- and middle management. There […]

What is Dividend? Explain in Brief

Dividends are a distribution of profits from corporate companies to shareholders. They can be in cash or stock. The actual amount that a company will pay is determined by the board of directors. Different cash dividends are paid on a three-monthly schedule. Stock dividends are paid infrequently. HOW DO DIVIDENDS COME WORK? It is important to know when […]

An Insight on HMA Indicator

HMA stands for Hull Moving Average. It is used to determine current market trends. The curve of HMA is significantly smoother than that of Simple Moving Average (SMA). The HMA aims to reduce the time delay between HMA price and price. However, it does not follow price activity closely. This indicator is designed for trading long-term and medium-term. Because […]