Best Credit Cards For Wholesale Clubs

The ideal credit cards for wholesale club shopping are those which provide ample rewards, including generous cash back rates. A branded card from your warehouse club may provide the most value; however, general cash back cards should also be considered.

Discover It offers 5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories – such as wholesale clubs. Additionally, this card comes with a generous sign-up bonus and reports to all three major credit bureaus.

Costco Credit Card

Shopping wholesale clubs like Costco can save both time and money, and when combined with the appropriate credit card you could enjoy even greater savings. Credit cards designed specifically to cater to these shopping clubs often offer cash back or rewards programs on purchases you would make anyway.

Costco Anywhere Visa card is ideal for Costco fans. It features one of the highest cashback rates on gas and electric vehicle charging as well as competitive rewards on other purchases; furthermore it features an invaluable loyalty program and various protections; however it requires excellent credit to qualify, making it less accessible than some alternatives especially if looking for store cards open to people with lower credit scores.

Citi Costco Business Card is another top-rated card for Costco shoppers, boasting higher rates on gas and EV charging, travel and dining expenses without an annual fee. Furthermore, its excellent customer service team and variety of benefits will help you save even more.

Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Secured Credit Card offers Costco members an ideal credit card solution, with its generous 2% cash-back rate on gas and grocery purchases and flat 1% elsewhere, as well as valuable perks such as access to Citi Entertainment. However, please keep in mind that any earned cashback cannot be redeemed more than once annually.

Other cards offering attractive rewards for Costco shoppers include the Chase Freedom Unlimited and Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Cards, both of which provide 2% cash back when shopping at Costco and up to 5% back when booking travel through Chase Travel Portal, with 2 miles earned for every dollar spent across other purchases – both cards feature no foreign transaction fees as well as extended warranty coverage and purchase protection!

Sam’s Club Credit Card

Sam’s Club credit cards offer attractive sign-up bonuses and competitive rewards rates, making them highly desirable among some shoppers. Unfortunately, however, some consumers may find other store credit cards to be more appealing options.

Sam’s Club requires an annual membership costing at least $45 or a Plus membership that allows you to get 5% back, which could add up quickly if you make frequent purchases from them. Furthermore, this card doesn’t offer as much overall cash back compared to other options; although eligible grocery spending and some spending categories earn you up to 3% return; overall it may not offer as much overall savings potential for those looking for maximum returns.

Even with its drawbacks, this card remains a great choice for Sam’s Club members who wish to earn rewards on purchases and save gas by receiving 5% back on fuel purchases; something which isn’t available with any other Sam’s Club credit card.

Other store-branded credit cards offer higher cash back on all kinds of purchases, including gas and dining out purchases. Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard and Synchrony Bank-issued Sam’s Club Mastercard both provide this feature, with high rate reward earnings on certain categories; both cards also require annual fees but these costs could be offset by savings on gas and dining expenses.

Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card offers another great alternative, providing similar returns in eligible grocery shopping and spending categories as Sam’s Club credit cards (3% for grocery, 3% on gas/petrol purchases and generous cash-back rewards on dining out/entertainment spending), while also serving as membership card – for added convenience!

BJ’s Credit Card

Are You an Avid BJ’s Shopper Wanting to Up Your Bulk Shopping Game? Consider Applying for the BJ’s Credit Card Now. This co-branded Mastercard offers exclusive rewards that go well beyond BJ’s Wholesale Club; plus it can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard giving you opportunities to reap the rewards across multiple channels!

This card provides 5% cash back at BJ’s and 10 cents off per gallon of gas at participating locations, all for free to obtain but with membership costs that cost a nominal fee. However, this small investment will yield significant benefits and advantages!

Not like other store cards, this one provides an innovative rewards program that pays you back for each dollar spent. You’ll earn a 3% return in categories such as online shopping, gas stations/diner, dining out/travelling abroad/drug stores/home improvement/furnishing stores or grocery stores–the first $2,500 spent each quarter before decreasing to 1%; plus an additional 2% reward from grocery stores/wholesale clubs after spending $10,000 per year (then decreasing back down to 1%); as well as 1% across other categories and worldwide spending!

Another standout feature of the card is its no-fee balance transfer offer, making it an ideal way to consolidate debt quickly. There’s also no annual fee and its APR is quite low – all great features for everyday spending or quick debt repayment! Although not suitable for large purchases or major debt repayment projects quickly.

BJ’s Credit Card requires similar criteria as other store cards: You will require good to excellent credit with no history of late payments or bankruptcy filings, along with $500 liquid assets at minimum. Carrying a balance should be avoided as soon as possible to prevent incurring interest charges; if necessary, make payments on time each month to prevent further debt accumulation and maintain an impressive FICO score that will boost your likelihood of approval for mortgage or auto loans in the future.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card is an ideal credit card option for anyone spending over $800 each month at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, offering an above-average rewards rate without caps or restrictions on how much cash back can be earned. In addition, this card comes equipped with free FICO score monitoring alerts.

This credit card offers many perks, including a $200 welcome bonus after spending $1,000 within 90 days of opening an account. Plus, each month can select their bonus category with no annual or foreign transaction fees to worry about!

Another feature of this card that makes it attractive is the generous 2% cash-back rate available on grocery store and wholesale club purchases, making this card one of the highest rewards rates available from retail credit cards. It provides people who shop regularly at Costco or Sam’s Club with high cashback rewards; additionally it provides excellent rates on gas purchases, drug store items, travel purchases and gas station services (though some superstores such as Walmart or Target may fall outside the definition of “grocery store”) so achieving that 2% rate may prove more challenging.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card is ideal for consumers who seek to maximize rewards with their supermarket and wholesale club spending, without needing to manage each category each month. Redeem your cash back for statement credits, checks, direct deposits into Bank of America or Merrill accounts or eligible 529 college savings plans, etc. This card doesn’t impose minimum redemption requirements and offers 25%-75% more cash back if you qualify for Bank of America Preferred Rewards program, which requires either a checking or savings account or Merrill Edge brokerage account from Bank of America or Merrill Edge respectively. To learn more, visit their official website where there’s also an inbuilt cash-back calculator that helps estimate what monthly earnings might look like for this credit card.