The Insurance Agency Elevator Pitch

A short summary of your insurance agency’s products and services is called an elevator pitch. Your agency’s unique value proposition should be included. It must be presented in the elevator ride time of 30-60 seconds. It can be more difficult than most agents realize. This should be written, vetted and rehearsed and timed. Your insurance agency’s marketing strategy […]

New York Car Insurance Laws

New York State drivers must have auto insurance and comply with insurance laws to be able to drive legally in the State. Although New York’s minimum insurance requirements are more stringent than those in other states, they may not be sufficient to protect you adequately. New York had almost 500,000 traffic accidents and 881 deaths in 2019. While the […]

Georgia Car Insurance Laws

Georgia, requires that all drivers have minimum auto insurance. Although mandatory car insurance can be overwhelming at times, it is necessary to protect yourself and other road users. Georgia has more than 25 million traffic accidents each year. Without proper car insurance, many of these accidents can lead to drivers spending far more than they can afford. It […]

Brighthouse Financial Review

It’s never easy to talk about life insurance. You’re discussing what happens after your death. It’s something that you might prefer to avoid, but leaving financial security for your loved ones is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. Brighthouse Financial offers life insurance policies which provide a tax-free payout upon your death. Brighthouse Financial offers […]

Massachusetts Car Insurance Laws

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation reported 140,470 automobile accidents in 2019. Nearly 33,000 car crashes resulted in at least one injury and 323 people died in accidents throughout the state. Massachusetts drivers must have car insurance in order to protect themselves as well as other drivers. It is crucial to understand Massachusetts car insurance laws in order to have adequate coverage […]

Gap insurance in Georgia

Gap is short for “guaranteed assets protection”. This optional type of auto insurance in Georgia is often discussed in relation to newer cars. Georgia gap coverage protects a driver’s loan obligations in the event of an accident or other peril that results in a total loss. The insurance payout is lower than the outstanding loan on the vehicle. […]