Do You Need Emergency Roadside Service for Your Business?

No matter how small or large your business is, employees who drive company vehicles will need roadside assistance. This coverage offers many benefits that can make your company more successful. It can ensure your employees reach their destination on time. No matter how well you maintain your vehicle’s maintenance, you never know when something might […]

Planning to Insure Your Business? – Know What to Consider

Insurance is necessary to protect your business from financial losses, no matter how large or small, such as theft, litigation, natural disasters, and liability. Although business owners understand the importance of insurance today, many fail in their efforts to plan and insure their businesses. It is important for business owners to ensure that their company […]

What Types of Commercial Insurance Should I Purchase?

When you have your personal enterprise, chances are you’ll be bewildered by the vary of economic insurance coverage you want. A few of these types of insurance coverage are required by legislation, whereas others is perhaps stipulated by numerous skilled our bodies so as so that you can observe. In different instances, insurance coverage is […]

Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance (EIL)

Environmental Insurance deals with insuring pollution related loss exposures. There are many ways to legally be exposed to environmental loss. Negligence is one area. Negligence refers to the inability to use the usual, customary, and reasonable care required for this type of situation. Intentional torts and civil wrongs can also result in liability exposures. Inherent legal […]

Intellectual Property – A Growing Concern for Many Types of Businesses

Our company was approached by a potential client a few weeks ago to obtain Intellectual Property Insurance. Although he didn’t fully understand the coverage, he demanded that a policy be issued as soon as possible. There were some red flags raised by this. After further discussion, it became apparent that his software company was being […]

UK Business Insurance: What Types Do You Really Need?

In the UK, there are generally three types of business insurance: Public liability, Product liability and Employers liability. Only Employers Liability Insurance is required under law. This applies only if there are any employees working under your supervision. Although you may not consider your employees to be employed, it is a good idea to double-check […]

What Types Of Liability Insurance Policies Might Your Business Need?

Commercial liability insurance protects you against risk. Every business faces some level of risk. Even if your risk is small, you might not need to purchase insurance. You need to be aware of what your liability insurance covers before you can make that final decision. You should first consider this type of insurance. General liability insurance. […]

How an Insurance Company’s Internal Control of Reserve Practices Can Maximize Profits

In return for the promise to cover losses covered by an insurance contract, insurance companies receive premiums. Insurance is the concept that shares risk between people or organizations. This is done by insurance companies to make a profit. An insured files a claim with the insurer to file a claim. The insurance company then investigates […]