How To Cancel Health Insurance Through Marketplace?

With the current health insurance landscape in flux, it’s important to understand when and how you can cancel your health insurance policy. If you purchased your health insurance plan through the Marketplace, there are specific steps you must take in order to cancel your policy. This article will outline those steps and provide resources to help ensure a smooth cancelation process. Read on to learn more about how to cancel health insurance through Marketplace.

How to cancel your health insurance policy

If you want to cancel your health insurance policy, the process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is log into your Marketplace account and select the option to cancel your policy. You will then be asked to confirm your cancellation, and once you do, your policy will be officially cancelled. If you have any questions about cancelling your policy, the Marketplace customer service team is always available to help.

When can you cancel your policy?

If you experience a life event that causes you to lose your health insurance coverage, you may be eligible to cancel your Marketplace plan. Examples of life events that could make you eligible to cancel your policy include getting married, having a baby, moving to a new state, or losing your job.

If you are no longer eligible for premium tax credits or cost-sharing reductions, you can also cancel your Marketplace plan. To cancel your policy, contact your Marketplace directly.

How to cancel your policy if you have a change in circumstances

If you have a change in circumstances that affects your eligibility for health insurance through the Marketplace, you can cancel your policy at any time. To do so, contact your Marketplace account representative or the customer service number for your health insurance company. Be sure to have your new health insurance information ready when you call, so that the customer service representative can help you transition to your new coverage.

What happens if you cancel your policy?

If you cancel your policy, you will no longer be covered by your health insurance. This means that if you get sick or injured, you will have to pay for all of your medical expenses out of pocket. If you have a pre-existing condition, you may not be able to find another health insurance policy that will cover you.


Cancelling health insurance through Marketplace is a relatively simple process, as long as you go about it the right way. You’ll need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents and information required in order to cancel your policy successfully. Taking an informed decision before cancelling your plan will help ensure that you don’t get stuck with any unnecessary or unexpected bills. Now that you know how to cancel health insurance through Marketplace, take a few minutes and decide if this is something you should do at this time.