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State Farm vs Liberty Mutual

State Farm is the largest U.S. insurer and has 9.12% of the market. State Farm has been selling policies since 1922. It receives strong marks from third-party rating agency J.D. for financial strength and customer satisfaction. AM Best and Power. State Farm also offers auto insurance for homeowners, renters, and life insurance policies. Liberty Mutual, a household name […]

Prevent sewer backups

Asewer backup is when a waste line becomes blocked and wastewater backs up into your home. The United States According to the Association of California Water Agencies, more than 500,000 sewer backups occur each year. According to the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, sewer backups are growing at an average rate 3% per year. EPA estimates that between 23,000 and […]

Finding the rate of return on your whole life insurance policy

The annual premium is the first thing to consider when looking for home insurance or auto insurance. Life insurance offers financial security and cash value to you and your family. The cost of life insurance policies is usually more expensive. There are two main types of life insurance: permanent and term. As the name suggests, term life insurance can be […]

Best cheap car insurance in Knoxville

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to beautiful mountain views and college football. The minimum coverage is $390 per annum and full coverage is $1,304, which are well below the national average of $565 & $1,674, respectively. Knox County had 42 fatalities in 2019, out of 374 overall, highlighting the need for comprehensive and well-rounded auto insurance policies. Bankrate compared a […]

Life insurance for smokers

You have probably been searching for reasons to stop smoking. Your premium rates for life insurance are approximately two to three times higher if you smoke than if you weren’t a smoker. Smokers pay a severe penalty when purchasing life insurance. This is similar to high-risk drivers paying more for car insurance than safer drivers. However, this does […]

Geico vs Liberty Mutual: car insurance comparison

Geico is a prominent U.S. insurer. Liberty Mutual was purchased by Warren Buffett in 1996. In 1999, the famous gecko mascot was introduced online. Geico policies can be underwritten by many companies such as Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund. It is America’s second-largest auto insurance company with 66% of the market. Liberty Mutual, which holds 5% of U.S. market share, is the […]

What to do if your homeowners insurance is canceled

Your homeowners policy protects against financial ruin if your home is damaged or destroyed. It can be frightening and stressful to find out your homeowners insurance has been cancelled. You might feel more confident managing your homeowners insurance by understanding the different types of cancellations and what to do in each case. Types of homeowner insurance terminations There are […]

Driving without insurance in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports that Minnesota had nearly 5 million drivers with Minnesota drivers licenses. In the same year, Minnesota saw more than 80,000 accidents on its roads. This resulted in 364 deaths and 27,000 injuries. Minnesota law requires that automobile owners purchase minimum levels in liability, personal injury protection, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverages. Driving […]

Can you get insurance with a suspended license?

A license suspension can have serious consequences for car insurance. A driver’s license can be suspended for a variety of reasons. The exact reasons for a driver’s license being suspended will vary from one state to the next. However, these are the most common. Driving under the influence (DUI), or while intoxicated(DWI). Reckless driving At-fault accidents Traffic tickets […]