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The Benefits of an Employment Practices Liability Insurance – EPLI Policy

The likelihood of an allegation of discrimination or harassment, wrongful termination or failure to promote, increases as companies grow and diversify. You have several options to manage this risk as a business owner. You can either purchase an Employment Practices Liability Insurance policy (EPLI) or you can have sound internal controls and supervision. It is possible to […]

Car Insurance Multi Car Policy – Best Three Tips And Hints For Securing It

Look around your street and see how many households have more than one car parked outside their house. If there are, you will likely have a lot. Every car may have its own insurance coverage. Although it may sound odd, multi-car insurance can save homeowners a lot more than each individual having an insurance policy for […]

All About First American in the Title Cover Business

This is the most versatile title insurer on the market When we consider the extent and nature of this insurer’s activities, the above statement is quite accurate. To ensure its customers receive better service, it employs every technology available. It should be all the more reason that a larger portion of the overall title insurance market’s profits […]

Cheapest Auto Insurance for Teens and High Risk Drivers

Many factors can affect your automobile insurance rates. The age factor is just one. You will need to pay attention to the other factors if you have a teenager driver or are the parent. Why are teenage drivers so expensive? It’s simple. It is simple. Young drivers have two options to reduce their car insurance costs that aren’t available […]

Car Accident Injury Claims: 5 Secrets to Negotiating Auto Insurance Settlements

It is difficult to negotiate more money for your car accident injury claim. It’s difficult because you will have to deal with an experienced negotiator, the auto claims adjuster. You can increase your personal injury settlements with these 5 key negotiation strategies. You should first do… 1. Calculate Your Minimum Car Accident Injury Settlement Before you start […]