What Information Is Contained In The Insuring Agreement Of An Insurance Policy?

Insurance policies can be confusing and overwhelming to navigate. However, understanding the insuring agreement is crucial in ensuring that you have adequate coverage for your needs. The insuring agreement outlines what exactly is covered by your insurance policy and what is excluded from coverage. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the details […]

Do I Have to Accept My Employer’s Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a vital part of everyone’s wellbeing, but what happens when you have the option to enroll in your employer’s health insurance plan? The decision can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure about the benefits and eligibility criteria. In this blog post, we will explore whether or not you have to accept your […]

Multifamily Insurance – Taking Advantage of the Favorable Commercial Insurance Market

The insurance industry had a record 2006 year. 60 billion dollars in profits were made, which was one of the highest grossing years in industry history. This record return was due in large part to the 2006 hurricane season which was more successful than those of the previous years. Insurance companies were forced to raise […]

Cutting Commercial Insurance Costs in the Restaurant Industry

For the past year and half, we’ve been on a downward slope in the commercial insurance industry. 2006 saw profits at an all-time high for the insurance industry. These record profits led to a flood in capital into the market for insurance. Many new insurance companies were also created and started operations, increasing competition and […]

Disability Insurance Sales Ideas – Beware of These Three Disability Insurance Sales Killers

In the old days, sailors used a term to describe a state where they were motionless and had no wind to propel them. Although you may have heard it many times, you probably haven’t thought of it in connection to disability insurance. Are you right? Here’s your wakeup call: It is time to THINK! A staggering 30% of […]

An Economic Approach on Leads

How do you approach using leads? Are you certain that you are using them properly? This article will provide a fascinating explanation of lead management and how to increase sales through an economic approach. The 80/20 principle The 80/20 principle is an economic principle that states that 80% of output is due to 20% of input. This […]