10 People Who Have the Best Car Insurance Rates

It is difficult to buy a new policy for car insurance. It is important to determine how much coverage and what level of protection you require. Here’s a list of interesting people to help you understand why certain people have the lowest insurance rates. You can find out if you fall into one of these categories to see how you can get more coverage and the best rates.

1. Mr. Mr. Statistics show that people under 25 are more likely to drive at high speeds, which means their insurance rates will be higher. Older drivers tend to be more mature and cautious, which means that their car insurance rates fall.

2. Mr. Turtle: Slow drivers will have fewer accidents as they take the time to make safer driving choices. You might be wise to not race your college friend down an empty street. You’ll get fewer speeding tickets, and you’ll have a better driving record. These factors are all considered when an insurance company determines your insurance rate.

3. Mr. Mr. Your rates will drop if you have fewer insurance claims. This is because your insurance company will not record a higher accident rate. You should not be afraid to use your car insurance when you need it. That’s why you pay for it.

4. Mr. Stone Cold Sober. Getting a few DUIs is a sure way to have a bad record and be called a dangerous driver. It doesn’t mean you should stop drinking, but you must make sure that you don’t drive to the pub if you intend to drink and have a sober friend drive you home. In fact, three out of ten Americans have been in an alcohol-related accident at least once in their lives. This means that drinking responsibly can save you money and help you get the best car insurance rates.

5. Mr. Credit: Your money use reflects your risk-taking attitude. Your credit score will not be affected by shopping sprees that go on for days. However, paying your credit card bills on-time will improve your credit. Although this is something that most of us do not like, it is something that can be beneficial in many ways. Good credit is one of the greatest blessings of life.

6. The Suburban Dweller: There are hidden benefits to living in a safer area. Your car insurance company will determine if your vehicle is more likely to be stolen, vandalized, or safer depending on where it is located. If you live in suburbs, your car insurance rates will be cheaper than if you live near the city center or areas with a higher crime rate.

7. Mr. Mix and match: If you are looking to purchase a house, combine your car insurance and it. You will get better rates if you combine your insurances.

8. Master Bookworm: Good grades can make a big difference in car insurance rates for seniors and college freshmen. If your GPA is higher than 3.0, most car insurance companies will offer a discount. Being a bookworm is not only beneficial after college but it can also help you save money on car insurance.

9. Mr. Be cautious: Installing car alarms or air bags in your vehicle could make a huge difference in your insurance rates. Your car is less likely to be stolen, or badly damaged in an accident. Insurance companies often offer discounts to help you drive safer.

10. The Misses: Statistics indicate that more men drive than women, which means that men are at greater risk of being involved in accidents. Despite the fact that the number is steadily rising, women still drive less and have lower insurance rates.

These 10 factors can make a big difference when you compare car insurance quotes online. Before you choose your insurance, find out which companies offer greater discounts for these categories. There are some things you cannot change, such as your age or gender. However, you can still maintain a clean driving record with good credit scores and a clean driving record.