10 People Who Pay High Insurance Rates


Are you ever frustrated by the fact that you are paying the most for your services? If any of these profiles match yours, then congratulations!

1. The Young and the Restless

Youth! Your future is yours, and you have infinite potential. You also have the potential to text and drive, get distracted easily, drive under the influence, and make a lot of claims. You don’t have much experience driving so the chances of you getting into an accident are high. According to the American Automobile Association, drivers aged 15-17 are responsible for $34 billion annually in property and life damages. Insurance companies will often offer you outrageous quotes, so it is not surprising that they can be quite expensive.


a. Get up Literally. If you reach 25 and have not filed any claims against your insurance company or had your driving record revoked for violations, your rates will likely drop significantly.

b. Discounts Many car insurance companies offer discounts for students. These include a Good Student Discount (which requires that you are under 25 and have a minimum GPA of at least B+) and Driver Training Credit (which only students aged 21 and below can choose for).

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2. The Rebel on a Road

Insurance rates for bad drivers are higher. Your driving record is one factor that can influence your car insurance rates. Traffic violations will result in higher insurance rates and your premiums will likely be raised by your current insurer.


a. Preventive measures should be taken and you should always drive safely. This will not only get you low auto insurance rates, but it may also qualify you for a Good Driver’s Discount or a Disappearing Depositible.

b. A defensive driver’s course can reduce tickets and make you a safer driver. This will lead to fewer violations which in turn leads to lower insurance rates.

3. The Drunk

DUI can have a negative impact on your insurance rates. You could lose your insurance policy and be subject to cancellation. New providers might not accept you as a client. You could be paying exorbitant rates for insurance if they do.


This is the only solution. Don’t drink and drive. Driving under the influence can lead to you being uninsured and unable legally to drive.

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4. Mr. Mr.

Modifications can make your engine growl and give you more traction, and so forth. Keep in mind, however, that insurance companies won’t pay for modifications if there is a claim for damages. In some cases, they may reject your claim if you have not informed them. Modified cars are also more expensive. You can make your car more attractive by doing so. Be prepared for the consequences.


If you have to modify your car, make sure you get coverage from a provider that covers it. To save money on your insurance premiums, make sure you have the mods covered separately. Although it may seem difficult to find a company willing to do this, you can still get decent rates and a nice car if you put in the effort.

5. The Old faithful

Your insurance company may offer a loyalty discount to you for all the years you have been with them. Maybe you are in a good relationship with your agent. Perhaps you don’t want to look at other providers. You’ve been with the company for years. This is why your rates are so high. You might be missing out on a world of lower insurance rates, better service, and comprehensive coverage.

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Take to the field! Check out what else is available! Getting free car insurance quotes doesn’t hurt. You should stay with the company you are currently with if you can’t find a lower quote. You can request a lower quote from a reputable company and have them match it. You can ask them to match it if they don’t.

6. Mr. Mr.

You’ve somehow managed to buy that hunky, steamy, metal-smoking hunk, whether it was because of a midlife crisis, years spent saving, or daddy’s money. It’s not because of the reasons you think. They may be wondering why you have to pay such high insurance rates. Because the population who owns shiny new Sports cars is more likely to be speeding and have more accidents, they are more expensive. These powerful, expensive cars are also attractive to thieves. If you are wondering why your insurance company charges such a ridiculous amount, here’s the answer.


Easy. You can’t afford to buy it.

7. Mr. Don’t be afraid to throw caution to the wind

Safety is for sissies, or do you believe that it is? That’s probably why you’re paying such high prices. Your interest rates will drop if you get a car that is considered safe. You could save money on your car insurance by installing anti-theft devices and air bags. You’re certainly losing out if you don’t take precautions.

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As you can guess, get a safe vehicle and put anti-theft and airbags in it.

8. Ghetto Superstar

You feel good about the fact your ghetto neighbors offer low rent and interesting neighbors. Chances are, the insurance premiums you pay will be much higher than what you spend on rent. Insurance companies will charge you more if your car is stolen or vandalized in rough neighborhoods.


There are three options available to you. You have three options: Sell your car, move or deal with high insurance premiums.

9. The Scam Artist

You could be fined a lot if you are convicted of insurance fraud. You’ll have no problem getting affordable insurance rates elsewhere.


Complete disclosure to your auto insurance company at all times

10. A guy with poor credit

Insurance companies use your credit rating to determine if you will make timely payments. Your credit score will have an impact on the insurance quotes you receive.


Living within your means is important. Make sure you pay your mortgages and credit cards on time. People can change, which is the good news. You now know what to avoid so you can get the best car insurance rates.

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