10 Surprising Things That Can Invalidate Your Car Insurance


One million drivers are uninsured in Britain, which is partially responsible for spiralling insurance costs. It is easy to think that people driving without insurance should face punishment. But did you know that there are other ways you could be driving without insurance? There are many reasons your car insurance might not pay out when you need it most. These are 10 surprising ways you can invalidate your motor vehicle insurance.

1. You have upgraded your car

Your car insurance could be invalid if you do not notify your insurer about your vehicle upgrade. This applies to more than just the obvious, such as increasing your car’s engine size. It could also be applicable to simple things like fitting alloy wheels.

2. You can let your dog run free inside the vehicle

Allowing your dog to play in your car can cause distractions. Your insurer may not pay you any money if your dog causes an accident.

3. Arrears on your Instalment Plan

It is important to ensure that your car insurance instalments remain current. If you miss a payment, your insurance will be cancelled.

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4. Your MOT should not be expired

You could lose your insurance if you forget to bring your vehicle in for an MOT. A vehicle without a valid MOT will be deemed unroadworthy by insurance companies. This will violate your motor vehicle policy.

5. Using your car for business

It is important to read the fine print of any policies to determine what is considered business use. Some motor policies will not cover your use of your car to travel to a business meeting. Some insurance policies don’t even cover you for your daily commute.

6. You can leave your keys in the car

Do you sometimes forget to turn the key in your car? Even if your car is left unattended for a few minutes, you’ll still be covered. You can take your keys with you if you have to go back inside because you forgot something.

7. Car sharing

Your insurance company will not consider it a sign that you run a taxi service if you allow friends to use your car as a work vehicle. You could lose your motor insurance if you make money from car sharing.

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8. Do not obey road signs

Road signs that warn you about closed roads or areas not suitable for motor vehicles should be ignored. Even if the road appears safe, your insurance won’t cover you if there were signs warning you not to.

9. Start a new job

If you are promoted at work or change your job, be careful. Your insurance premiums could be affected by the title of your job. Different occupations have different risk levels. Your insurance company should be notified if you are changing your job. They may not pay you when you need them to.

10. It is not necessary to disclose the driving history of a named driver

You must disclose any past accidents if you add a named driver as a driver to your car insurance policy. You could be denied insurance if you fail to disclose the past history of a named driver.