17 Active Steps to Increase Referrals, Improve Retention, and Attract Clients

Essential Things You Must Do To Be Successful.

It takes time to implement everything, but these solid strategies can improve your business practices immediately. These ideas can be passed on to your clients and staff, but you should also test them! What are you doing right now? These 17 ideas will help you generate more leads for insurance.

1. For every client who is new, have a Welcome Kit.

2. Send out a monthly newsletter to your clients.

3. A Name Capture Sheet should be kept by your phone so that all calls and any inquiries can be recorded on your internal mailing list.

4. You can compile a list of your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues and send them lead generation postcards.

5. Take pictures of yourself with smiling happy clients in your office.

6. Keep a list of your clients in the office and mention them in the monthly newsletter. How do you select the “Client Of The Month”? Anyone who refers!

7. Refer a friend and be rewarded. Reward anyone who refers. Gift certificates to favorite restaurants, bath and body, movies, etc.

8. For every holiday, create a campaign with a unique offer. Offer financial reports that are unique, for example. Many of the reports in our “Ultimate Insurance System”, can be used to motivate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas campaigns. You can adapt the concept to suit your business.

9. Special events can be held for prospects. You can offer a free movie, rent the entire theater and give away popcorn and drinks before the movie begins. Just stand up prior to the movie starts, and welcome everyone. At the end of each movie, pass out special reports and offer a one-hour consultation. A meeting can be held in the spring at a local nursery where a speaker will discuss gardening. One of my members does these events annually and writes millions in annuities using the concept.

10. Send 1000 postcards to a mailing list of IRA Holders, CD holders or affluent widows. You’ll make a lot of money if you send 1000 postcards to just one client. It’s impossible to fail. You can do this 4 times per month, and you will get 4 new clients from just one strategy. Let’s see how it works. If you mail 1000 postcards, the average commission for an annuity is $4500. This is a great profit that you can make!

11. Advertise in your local newspaper for lead generation. Be sure to test different headlines. Some headlines will pull well, others won’t. One member from Utah used one of our postcards. He turned it into an advertisement and ran it three times in a single week. Over 60 leads were received. These numbers are amazing.

12. You can test everything. You will find that certain things work extremely well and others fail to perform as expected. Don’t be afraid to try things out.

13. A direct response website is a must. Include your website address on all postcards, direct mail letters and sales cards. You can also capture their email so they can see your newsletters, reports and other offers. According to AXA Equitable retirement Scope Survey, 83 percent of Americans are employed and 75 percent of Americans retirees have internet access at home. The average American retiree spends nine hours per week surfing the Internet. This is a full hour more than those who work. Over half of retirees access the Internet to read the news and purchase travel tickets. 37% email their grandchildren. The website below offers a free trial for those who need an auto-responding website or client newsletter.

14. After each appointment, send a thank you card.

15. You can give a call to a client.

16. Never expect to give more than you are capable of. Take 5 minutes to think about what you can do for your clients to make their experience “Wow”.

17. Two hours per day, hire a telemarketing representative to call her from her home. Let her receive your postcards and call you back. Two appointments per six contacts can be made with us through a phone presentation.

You are insane if you think that you can double your income by doing the exact same thing as in 2008. Start the new year right by increasing referrals, retention, and attracting clients with the simple implementation of the 17 marketing tips above.