5 Best Uses of Cryptocurrency!


The attractiveness of cryptocurrency is a huge factor. People are increasingly interested in learning more about the mechanics of cryptocurrency and what can be done to improve their understanding. Although the concept was first introduced in 2009, it took some time for it to develop but over the past five years it has become a well-known name in the financial markets. Both miners and investors have enjoyed the benefits of cryptocurrency trading, buying and selling. Investors who start early and keep track of their investments have seen a 8-10x increase in profits from cryptocurrency investments.

You can now trade cryptocurrency with digital money. This concept is gaining ground and there are many opportunities for it. These are some uses of cryptocurrency that you may already be aware of, while others might surprise you.

1. Investment/Trading

You can multiply your money with cryptocurrency. Once you have cryptocurrency, you can decide how much you want to spend and how much you want to invest. It is important to get cryptocurrency from a trusted source. There are many types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum Ripple and Indus Coin. You need to verify the authenticity of any service provider before you go in to purchase these. You should verify that they have the symbol and ticker rate on their website and also the exchanges where your cryptocoins can be traded.

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For example. You will be able to clearly understand the benefits and features of buying cryptocoins from an exchange like Indus Coin. You will receive a wallet with all safety features. They are also technologically sound, with P2P networking and dBFT consensus, as well as digital certificates.

Once you have identified the source of your cryptocurrency you can use the services offered by cryptocurrency exchanges to trade. You should also check customer support as digital currency payments are instant. Once everything is in order, you are able to trade your currency and watch your money grow exponentially.

2. Travel costs can be paid

Travel industry is now open to the possibility of using cryptocurrency like never before. Cryptocoins can be used to purchase hotel stays, packages and air travel. Because there are no conversions when paying with cryptocoins, travel operators who offer customized packages find it very convenient. Also, there is no need to pay any middlemen. It’s the fastest way to pay from an international perspective and the fastest way to pay. Because there is no commission to the banks or financial institutions that route your payment, this method works out as the most cost-effective.

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3. Education: Pay for it

Cryptocurrency will be preferred wherever there are new diversities. For educational services, payments made by students to colleges (mostly for fees) are often complex. The most common methods are wire transfers, account transfers, foreign currency demand drafts, and wire transfers. All of these methods come with an additional charge when you make the payment. These are also not immediate. This has been a major concern for students around the globe.

This scenario can be changed by cryptocurrency. It is simple and easy. University of Nicosia in Cyprus, is the first university to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Payments can be made in Bitcoin through Bitpay, a processor. To fully appreciate the potential of digital currency, the University has created a Masters Degree in Digital Currency to train specialists for the future.

4. Crowd funding

Crowd funding is an innovative way to use your cryptocurrency. As with any crowd-funded business, you can also invest in another person’s company and help him succeed. A platform that uses cryptocurrencies to facilitate funding has been created by many companies offering funds to new businesses. Lighthouse is a crowd-funding company that offers Bitcoin.

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It works like this: You can give your money from your wallet directly to a company for a specific purpose. The donation is free of charge until the money is assigned to a project or that company achieves its objectives. Your funds remain safe with the crowd financing company until the project meets its criteria. It is an easy way to invest in cryptocoins. You can withdraw your donation at any time. Apart from Bitcoins, Cryptocoins such as Altcoin and Dogecoin are popular for crowd funding.

5. Common daily purchases

This new payment method is being accepted by many places, including pizza shops and grocery chains. These outlets allow you to transact in regular fashion and then pay using your cryptocurrency wallet. One of the most prominent names to have partnered with cryptocurrency is Wal-Mart. These names are not the only ones that fall under this category.

The inclusion of cryptocurrency into daily life has made a significant shift in how people perceive cryptocurrency. It also helped to clear up the doubts that many still have about the concept.

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The popularity of cryptocurrency is steadily growing. Digital currencies are expected to become the most widely accepted payment method, especially for international payments. The use of cryptocurrency is also growing. Electronics, online retail, and the trucking industry are all taking up this form of payment.