5 Bullion Gold Coins Worth Your Investment


Most people prefer to invest in precious metals for their intrinsic value. Investors love gold bullion coins for their portability and liquidity. Bullion coins are made from highly refined gold and are intended for investment only. These coins can be purchased from many sources. Every year, for example, the government mints produces bullion coins. These high-value pieces are known as sovereigns and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee and a face price. They are highly investment-worthy because of their gold content, not their face value. Bullion gold coins are markedly different than collectors’ or numismatic coins. They can come in many types and not all will give you the same return. This article will tell you about the best bullion gold coins that offer the highest return on investment.

The American Gold Eagle Coin

American Eagles are a highly sought-after choice for gold investors. They were first minted in 1986. You can choose from $5, $10 or $25 face values, as well as $50 and $50. Each coin’s material value is much higher than its printed value.

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American Buffalo

American Buffalo was originally created as a 5c coin by James Earle Fraser. He was a Saint-Gaudens student. The coin’s two sides depict a Native American man with a buffalo and a nickel-sized Buffalo Nickel.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

Experts consider this iconic coin one of the finest in the world, with the maple leaf imprint on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth II’s face on the obverse. These coins are manufactured and distributed by the Royal Canadian Mint. This institution is well-known for producing high-quality gold currencies.

Gold Austrian Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic’s gold coin is a relatively new entry in the big league. It comes in five sizes: 1/25 oz (1/10 oz), 1/4 oz (4/5) oz 1/2 oz, 1/2 1/2 oz, 1/2 and 1 oz. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the inspiration for the coin. One side features a variety of instruments including the cello, French horn and harp. The imprint of Musikverein is on the other side. It’s Vienna’s Great Organ. These coins are manufactured and guaranteed by the Austrian Mint.

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South African Krugerrand gold

These coins are named after Paul Kruger (president of Transvaal or South African Republic), and come in 1/4, 1/2, 1/2, 1 oz, and 1 oz versions. These gold creations are synonymous with wealth and prestige. The reverse side of the coin features the Springbok Antelope, while the reverse bears the portrait of President Barack Obama. These coins are guaranteed and manufactured by the South African Mint. Bullion coins are a way to keep gold’s assets in tangible form. To view bullion-gold coins , visit your local coin shop . You can buy any of the mentioned coins. You will have no difficulty selling any of the coins mentioned above, as they all enjoy high liquidity on the market.