5 Effective LinkedIn Strategies for Insurance Agents

Nearly all of the insurance agents I know have created a LinkedIn Profile. But that’s it. This social media platform is not recognized by them as a powerful tool for networking. Most people have a sketchy profile. This doesn’t include their photo and connections are other insurance agents who have asked them to join. Many don’t actively seek out connections in specific markets. Do you feel like this?

Imagine if I told ya that LinkedIn has many members who are business owners, top professionals and decision-makers. These are people that you might not meet at your local networking event but who could be part of your network.

Capturing my Prospect’s Eye in LinkedIn

It is a lot more difficult to build business relationships online than it is to meet someone in person and set up a lunch date. Social media is a great way to find new business outside your current marketing area. LinkedIn is an underutilized tool, but it can help you build your credibility over the long-term. The best approach is to use a systematic approach.

LinkedIn Strategy #1

Create a compelling LinkedIn profile. This means creating a compelling headline. A headline that identifies you as an expert in worker’s comp or employee benefits will make you stand out. If you are active in any discussion groups, most people will visit your Profile. Your profile should look like a professional resume. Include any awards or credentials. Because LinkedIn searches are similar to Google, people can also search for Key Words. If you specialize in Property Managers or Group Insurance, those Key Words would be searched for by people. You would then want to include them in your Summary and Area of Expertise. Invite others to connect with your profile. LinkedIn’s greatest asset is its ability to connect professionals with people who are also looking to grow their networks.

Your profile includes a space to list your company website and a section to list your blog, if any. Every salesperson should have their own brand. This will allow prospects to learn more about you, and why they would choose you over other people. Because they are selling services, your agency website can’t convey this. People do business with people, and your name can be your greatest asset.

Do include your picture. It is surprising how few insurance professionals I know have uploaded pictures. A blank avatar makes a bad impression. You should also show your personality if you plan to use LinkedIn to prospect.

This section allows people to recommend you. These testimonials will prove to your visitors that they are respected authorities. You can ask for recommendations from people if you don’t have any.

LinkedIn Strategy #2

Participate in the discussions of groups within your target market. This is one of most effective ways to make yourself known. People will be interested in you if you add value to their topic by helping them and building upon it. People will connect with you by visiting your LinkedIn Profile.

Sharing articles from your blog in these groups can help you get noticed and be an expert in your field. How can you find groups to join? You can start by looking at the connections of your targeted people to see which groups they belong to and then join those same groups. You can also search LinkedIn using the search bar. You want to be where your customers are. These are some Groups that might be of interest to insurance agents.

  • Group Insurance Sales Representatives – HR professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Physicians
  • Risk Management
  • RIMS
  • Healthcare
  • Hospital Corp. of America
  • Hotel Industry Professionals
  • Restaurant Chain Executives
  • Property Management Professionals
  • Construction Management

As you can see, LinkedIn has many groups that can be joined if you’re targeting a specific group. You aren’t there to sell but rather provide quality content.

LinkedIn Strategy #3

Answer Questions. LinkedIn has an interesting feature: Answers. There are many questions that can be asked and answered by anyone. You are considered a person with a lot knowledge if you can answer multiple questions. Sometimes your name is kept out as a resource. This is free advertising!

LinkedIn Strategy #4

You can connect your blog articles to Groups postings. Professionals are increasingly choosing to create their own websites or blogs that reflect their expertise. This personal branding is something I strongly support. The internet is used by people to find information. Information about insurance, or you could be found on the internet. You can take advantage of this desire to learn and create informative articles. You can share them with your LinkedIn Groups to spark discussion and drive traffic to your site.

You want people to visit your blog to learn more about you. Your blog should be engaging so that they can easily connect with you. This is your online business card.

LinkedIn Strategy #5

LinkedIn offers many other features that can be used. You can create an Event, such as a Webinar, and then post it to your groups. The Tweet feature is a favorite feature. It allows me to connect with all my LinkedIn connections via Twitter. This gives me the opportunity to interact with targeted people and send my articles.

LinkedIn now has 100 million users
LinkedIn now boasts more than 100 million members. This is a huge source of potential clients for insurance agents, as nearly all of them are professionals. To get the most from LinkedIn, you should master the search function, create an informative profile, and engage with groups.

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