5 Reasons To Hire A Public Adjuster

Many people don’t realize how much work is involved in filing insurance claims. The consumer has two options: 1) Hire an insurance adjuster or 2) Rely on the adjuster at their insurance company to make it right. The second option could be similar to letting your spouse’s lawyer make the decisions regarding a bitter divorce settlement. We will discuss why hiring an insurance adjuster from the public is a better option in the following paragraphs.

What does a public insurance adjuster do? These adjusters are professionals who are hired by homeowners or businesses to assess and manage losses that should be covered under an insurance policy. They handle the settlement of insurance claims for their clients. This ensures that all costs are covered and no surprises are left. They are also useful when your insurance company disputes your claim. Loyalty is the main difference between a public adjuster or the adjuster provided by your insurance company. The company adjuster works on behalf of the insurer to reduce insurance claims payouts or deny them as frequently as possible. Public adjusters, on the other hand work for policyholders and seek the best settlement possible for their clients.

After a thorough analysis, factors can be weighed against the assessed damages and a claim is made. Public adjusters are trained and licensed the same as company adjusters so they understand the issues that company employees will be seeking. They will often negotiate with insurance companies for a higher payout. If additional damages are found, the public adjusters can help with refiling the claim.

Why You Need To Hire A Public Adjuster
Public adjusters can be beneficial because they are more focused on the policyholder than the insurance company. There are many other reasons to hire these professionals.

1. These can be a time-saver for policyholders. Many people are busy and don’t have the time to deal with all the details associated with insurance claims. Public adjusters are experts in what information is required so that they can quickly gather the necessary data and organize it. Public adjusters are also able to keep track of any issues that may arise throughout the process.

2. They can negotiate better payments. It is worth researching statistics to understand the benefits of hiring a public adjuster. The OPAGGA in Florida found that public adjusters received payouts that were 745 percent higher than what insurance companies would pay. Consumers can expect the best from these adjusters, as they are paid based on how much they recover.

3. They offer a free, objective assessment. These adjusters are not allowed to lie about damage and will always give the most thorough and accurate analysis. For consumers’ convenience, they usually offer a free initial assessment.

4. They are less likely than policyholders to overlook damages. They know what to look out for and can often spot damages that policyholders might not have noticed. Public adjusters help consumers avoid the headaches and hassles associated with resubmitting claims later to recover for damages they have not found.

5. They are licensed professionals. Each reputable public adjuster has a valid license and can show proof of their credentials. They are willing to share the information that is needed to show consumers their respect.

These professionals could be your greatest asset in your insurance settlement. Find a competent adjuster if you have an insurance case.