5 Tips to Get Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers


You can get cheap Georgia car insurance for teenagers, whether you’re the dad or mom of a teenage driver who is eager to get their car on its way. First, a brief story…

Bobby used to come home every day after school and wash his car in our driveway. Bobby treated his little red Corvette like he was his child. Every square inch of paint was polished, and the chrome sparkled like a mirror. The tires were coated with armor-all. Funny thing is, Bobby hasn’t been able yet to drive his car. Bobby made the same mistake many young people make. They choose an automobile based solely on the car payment. They pay all their income on the car, but never consider how insurance will affect their budget.

It sits there in the driveway, looking expensive. Bobby would have to pay for insurance or sell it.

What about you?

It all comes down to this. It all comes down to this:

1- What type of vehicle will you purchase?

What year and what model are they? Everyone wants a fun and fast car as a youngster. Statistics show that “fast” and “fun” cars are more likely to be involved in an accident than “safe and boring” cars.

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You will need to spend more if you are looking for a sports car with 2 doors. You can get cheaper insurance by buying a sedan, or a minivan with 4 doors.

Although I’m sure that is not what you want to hear from me, it’s the truth.

Another trick to get cheaper insurance is:

Call your Atlanta insurance agency to get a price on the three cars you are considering before making a decision about which car to purchase. You may be able to decide which car you want to buy by comparing the cost of your insurance.

Here’s a quick story:

A friend, aged 18, who lives in Flowery Branch, GA, told me recently that he had his heart set on a red BMW 2-door. He decided to buy another vehicle at the very last moment. What made him change his mind?
He seems to have followed the advice I shared with him. He said that the insurance premiums for the red BMW were nearly twice as expensive than the insurance premiums for the other cars he was considering.

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2- Are you a safe driver? Are you a safe driver? Do you obey the speed limits and follow the traffic rules on I-85/spaghetti junction? You should not speed, run red lights, or drive too close and drink and drive. This will result in high insurance premiums.

If you can take one thing away from this article it is that your driving habits as a teenager will determine how much insurance you pay for the rest your life. You will be happy you made it a goal to be safe when you renew your insurance.

3- Select a higher deductible that you would normally choose.

Do you want to take on the risk of having to pay $500-$1000 for repairs? You will then receive a lower monthly rate if you choose a zero- or $250 deductible.

It’s not rocket science. You can either pay more now, or you can take the chance that it won’t be necessary later.

4. Stop claiming every penny and dime you spend on your car’s repair.

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Instead of paying $75 for the window chip, pay it out-of-pocket. When your policy is up for renewal, you’ll be glad that you did.

5- Ask your GA agent about any discounts that may be available to you.

Did you know, for example, that taking a driver’s education class at school can help you save money on your insurance policy? These classes are offered by many high schools in Cobb and Dekalb as well as Gwinnett County. You can also invest in additional defensive driving courses. It will cost you a little upfront, but you’ll enjoy the discounts for life.

Contact your insurance company to learn about any additional discounts that may be available.

There are many other factors that can affect your insurance rates. Many of these you may not be aware of.
Control over. These topics will be discussed in a future article.

There are a few things you can control, however. It is therefore important to be informed about your options. This will give you the best chance of getting affordable Georgia car insurance for young drivers.

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