6 Fundamental Healthcare Problems That Healthureum Wishes to Address


Any vital sector of the world’s economy must undergo change in order to develop and prosper. Changes are constant and ongoing, from technology to finance to healthcare. Healthcare has experienced the greatest change. New technological innovations, such as robotic surgery, have opened up a new window of opportunity for innovation that could transform the healthcare industry. One such innovation is Healthureum. It is a blockchain-based healthcare project. It uses smart technology and blockchain technology to create a transparent and open system that delivers services on time.

Healthcare is a large industry. It is a large industry. As such, there are many problems that must be overcome to ensure smooth delivery of healthcare services. All stakeholders are seeking ways to cut costs and save resources. Patients want affordable and accessible medical services. Specialists and medical practitioners are seeking ways to offer their services to the most vulnerable patients. Healthcare organizations are seeking ways to share data and information on a secure platform that is free from risk or barriers.

Healthureum aims to address these concerns by providing a transparent platform that caters for the needs of all participants. The platform views the problems that each participant faces and eliminates as many of them as possible. Healthureum is able to ensure that the healthcare industry remains consistent in reliability, transparency, affordability, and transparency.

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Healthcare Industry Faces

The healthcare industry is the most important industry worldwide, as we have already stated. This industry is almost impossible to run without some hiccups. Here are six key healthcare issues that Healthureum wants to address.

1. Information Management

Data management is the first major challenge facing the healthcare sector. Each time a patient visits a doctor they must go through a registration process. The following information is most commonly collected during the registration process:

Full legal names.

* Birthdate.

* Street Address.

* Contacts for personal and professional use.

Health insurance information.

* Identification (Social security number, ID etc. )

There are many variations in the way data is collected and recorded between healthcare organizations. This prevents interoperability among different healthcare organizations. Healthureum uses the blockchain platform to provide a peer-to-peer secure system that allows organizations to share data without fear of hacking.

2. Access to Affordable Medical Care

Despite efforts by stakeholders to reduce healthcare costs, the cost of healthcare is likely to rise. Patients in desperate need of treatment and willing to take any risk to get it, are choosing to seek out cheaper alternatives. Others are forced to borrow money from friends, family members or financial institutions because they have limited options. Healthureum wants to eliminate this problem by standardization, the creation and maintenance of a better infrastructure, interoperability, and other measures.

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3. Healthcare Providers Authenticity.

Patients in desperate need are willing to do anything. Patients’ desperate needs are being exploited by unqualified healthcare workers. Patients are often in desperate situations due to their lack of knowledge about validating their qualifications. Healthureum aims to provide a platform that allows practitioners to share their information throughout their careers. Information like the medical centers they went to, boards that certified them and their practice certifications can be captured. The blockchain can store chronologically ordered information. It allows patients and employers to verify their identities and builds trust.

4. The Headache of Counterfeit Drugs

For legitimate healthcare providers around the globe, counterfeit drugs are a constant headache. This is an illegal method of selling cheaper, more affordable drugs to the market because mainstream ones can be quite expensive. These practices are common in India and China. Research shows that around 16% of counterfeit drugs have wrong ingredients. These drugs can cause more problems for patients than they solve. Healthureum uses blockchain technology to improve patient safety and medical supply chain.

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5. Population Health Management.

Healthureum is a platform that allows for the sharing of complex data among health institutions, ensuring reliability and speed. Healthureum is a platform that can help solve patient lives in times of crisis.

6. Fraudulent Operations

Through its secure platform that uses blockchain cryptography, Healthureum technology can dramatically reduce fraud and manipulation cases. It could eliminate these cases through the use of smart technology.