6 Tips to Help You Get the Best Price For Your Home


It’s not easy to sell a property that you have invested thousands of dollars in. The decision to sell a property that you have lived in for many years is difficult, especially when it’s your home. It’s the home you made memories in, where you raised your children, and where you live, laughed, and loved. You want to get the best price possible for your home when you are selling something that is so important to you.

These tips will help you increase the price of your Thomastown property when it is put up for sale.

Online Presence:

Over 90% of homebuyers believe they heavily rely on an online property listing and the photos provided to make a decision about whether or not to schedule an inspection. Just taking a few photos from your iPhone and putting them in your listing could make your case worse than it helps.

Hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful pictures of your home in the best lighting. Professionally photographed homes not only sell at a 32% faster rate, but they also fetch 47% more per square foot.

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Professional Styling

It’s obvious that a well-designed house looks better. A professionally designed house is a wonderful canvas for your photographer to photograph and can help potential buyers visualize themselves in the space. A buyer who feels a connection to a property is more likely than not to offer it for a higher price. Professional styling can increase the perceived value of a home by as much as 5%. It may seem small, but consider that the average Thomastown house price is $34,500, which is 5% off $690,000.

Curb Appeal

Your house’s exterior appearance will be the first impression potential buyers have. It’s important to make it count! Michigan State University conducted a study that found landscaping and attractive exteriors can increase the perceived value of a home by nearly 6%.

A gardener can spruce up your yard, weed the garden, fertilize the soil, and plant new flowers in your flower beds just in time for spring. Get your fence, doors, and walls painted, and get any broken drainage pipes and shingles repaired. Also, make sure to clean out your pool. For those with a deck or porch, ask the professional stylist for outdoor seating. This will allow buyers to relax and enjoy the space.

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Natural light

We are now well into spring, and the dark, gloomy winter days in Melbourne are giving way to bright, sunny days. A good deal of natural light can boost serotonin levels.

Remove any heavy blinds or drapes that block light, trim branches and shrubs, and install mirrors to reflect light. Also, swap out dark shades for lighter ones. To make your rooms appear larger and brighter, you might install new lighting fixtures where there isn’t natural light.


Selling a property is not about the kitchen or the bathrooms. These two areas can be easily updated and can fetch thousands of dollars. You can replace rusty faucets and bathroom fixtures with more modern versions, update the splashback and benchtops, and change the cabinetry if necessary. However, costs should not exceed 5-10 percent of the overall house value. You might not get the return on investment if you spend too much money to remodel your bathrooms and kitchen.

Make sure that your new kitchens and bathrooms are in harmony with the rest of the house. Few homebuyers will be attracted to a house that has a modern kitchen and a high-tech bathroom, while the rest of the house looks like it belongs in the 20th century.

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A good agent

Lastly, and most importantly, choose an agent who is committed to your best interests. The agent isn’t looking to make quick buck or make you spend too much on your house. Instead, they will guide you in the right direction regarding the improvements you should make to increase the value of your home to sell for a higher price. A good agent will be able to identify your target market and help you determine the best price for your property. They will also use market insights and comparative research to help you decide. Once a buyer arrives, the agent will assist you in negotiations and negotiating for the best price possible.