8 Magic Words That Dramatically Increase Your Insurance Sales

Your sales results can be affected by the words you choose to communicate with your customers. The choice of words can make or break a sale. Your customers will be more likely to buy if you use the right words in your sales presentation.

Magic words can make your presentation more delicious. These words, when used effectively and with the right customers, can help you achieve the results that you desire.

These magic words will increase your customers’ desire to purchase.

(1) Option

Some customers prefer to have control. Some customers want to be in control so they can make decisions about how things should go. They want to be involved in all aspects of life. Give them the freedom to choose what they want.

Example: “Of these two options, which one do you think can best support your plan?”

(2) Best

People want the best in life. People associate the term “best” with high quality. When used in sales situations, the word “best”, is always viewed favorably.

Example: “You want to ensure that your children get the best education possible so that one day they can be as successful, if not better than you.”

(3) New

People are excited about the latest fashion and new products. They are open to new things. People love to associate the term “new” with better features or functions in a product.

Example: “This is a brand new product. It’s also tailored to your social status.

(4) Smart

When people are praised, they feel happy. They are drawn to compliments. They love compliments. They will feel more confident if they use the word “smart”.

Example: Imagine your kids hugging you and saying “Mom, You are the Best!” This was the best decision you made for us. Thank you mom!

(5) Popular

Most customers are followers and they choose popular products. People are generally comfortable with well-known products. Popularity of a product indicates that many people have endorsed it.

Example: “This plan is very popular. This plan is very popular with my customers. They love the flexibility it offers.

(6) Love

Our hearts hold a special meaning for love. The emotion of “love” can be very intense and move people’s hearts. Many people act out of love. Action is triggered by love.

Example: “It’s a gift of Love that your Family would Treasure Most.”

(7) Savings

When making a purchase decision, price is a key factor. Customers feel they are being treated well when the word “save” is used. They can save money and make more money.

Example: “It’s always in your best interest to get this plan now because you will receive 10 percent savings. You also get a petrol coupon.

(8) Guarantee

Every purchase comes with a risk. Customers require assurance. Customers need assurance that they won’t make mistakes before giving up their hard-earned money.