8 Ways to Get Insurance Referrals

Referring is an essential part of your insurance business. You can’t afford to not do it. Focusing on the natural market is a key strategy for most insurance agents to succeed in their first year of insurance. Many agents quit after exhausting their natural market and finding no one to sell to.

Referring people is key to long-term growth and stability in your insurance company. Selling to referrals can be easier than selling to strangers, as the referrals might have learned something about you before they approach you.

These are some ways an agent of insurance can get referrals.

(a) Incorporate referral requests into your sales process

Let your prospects know at the beginning of a sales interview that you are in a people business and need to meet many people. It would be a great idea if they could also recommend your services to others after the interview.

(b) Use referral cards

Referral cards are the way to connect with your future customers. Create professional, visually appealing referral cards. Referral cards should be left behind at the end of each sales or service appointment. Your customers should know that you will take them with you to your next service appointment.

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(c) Tell your customers why they should refer you.

Your clients should understand the advantages of recommending your services to others. A strong, healthy business is essential for your clients to continue to provide service. You can only do this if there are people who will see you.

(d) Offer a service that delights clients

We must remember that referrals are earned. If they feel you did a great job and are satisfied with your service, they will be more likely to refer you to their friends.

(e) Find customers to help you grow your business

Invite business contacts to lunch. Talk about your business and career goals during the lunch. Your customers are key to your success. Describe the type of referrals that you require from them.

Referrals to Exchanges

You can form a tip club to exchange clients with accountants, lawyers, and business owners. High quality clients are the most common result of referrals from this source. Referrals will trust you just as much as your customers.

(g) Send newsletters

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Your customers should receive newsletters. Send newsletters with a section that allows customers to refer friends to you.

(h) Rewards system

Referring new customers to you is a great way to let your customers know you are saving marketing dollars. You can pass the savings on to your customers in the form gift cards or a dinner appreciation to them.

At any stage of the sales process, you can ask prospects and clients for referrals. Some clients will give you referrals immediately if you are trustworthy. Others may wait to give you referrals if they have time. And some won’t give any referrals at all.

If you work hard and ask for referrals whenever possible, you’ll always be in business. You will always have people to meet and you will never run out of potential clients.

Referring customers is an important part of your sales process. Referring customers could be the key to your next big sale. Asking for referrals is like cutting yourself off to your future success in business.

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Referring business is what you want when you ask for them. First, we need to determine if the service we provide our customers is good enough to warrant asking for referrals. Quality referrals are more likely to be received by insurance agents who offer solid, quality services.