A Guide to American Express Platinum Concierge

American Express Platinum Cards provide many valuable perks, including airport lounge access, up to $200 annually in airline fees reimbursement and hotel booking perks – but one often-underutilized benefit is their concierge service.

The concierge team can assist with dinner reservations, event tickets and flower deliveries; as well as working to secure travel refunds you’re owed.

Restaurant Reservations

When trying to secure tickets to an exclusive event or secure a reservation at a popular restaurant, leaving it all up to professionals can be invaluable. Concierge services like American Express Platinum offer several advantages that can save time and effort – for instance if you need help selecting an appropriate gift idea, concierges provide lists that may work.

American Express concierges know many restaurants personally and can often secure seating within minutes when new reservations become available. Furthermore, these professionals can recommend restaurants based on cuisine preference or dining times that best meet your schedule.

Amex concierges can arrange everything from spa appointments, tee times, tickets to all sorts of events, special deals such as meet and greets with celebrity chefs or virtual cooking classes to one-of-a-kind experiences and provide special offers exclusively to cardholders. Beyond that, they also provide goods and services ranging from flowers to fashion items – making their service invaluable.

If you’re considering applying for an American Express card, be aware that its concierge service is limited to certain cards – the Platinum Card from American Express, Delta SkyMiles Reserve card, and Centurion card all offer dedicated concierge services; those not eligible can still access regular customer service center but won’t gain access to special perks like travel planning.

Concert Tickets

American Express Platinum cardholders can take advantage of a lifestyle concierge service provided by American Express that can assist them with getting front-row seats for sold-out events or making last-minute restaurant reservations. They may also gain access to exclusive privileges such as luxury hotels and venues as well as providing assistance when they encounter difficulties like lost luggage or missed reservations.

The concierge team can assist in booking services, purchasing tickets to entertainment events or sports games, sending gifts to loved ones and much more. Anything booked by the concierge, including any shipping, taxes and fees charged directly to your card account. Your concierge will not share the details of any requests they fulfill with anyone- even authorized users on your account- meaning if you want to surprise your partner with tickets for an event that is sold out, simply call in and inform the concierge!

American Express concierge staff stands out from other credit card concierge services by fulfilling a range of requests, thanks to its global partnerships with airlines, hotels and restaurants that it can leverage on your behalf. Furthermore, they can help find great deals for airline tickets or book hotel rooms through Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR).

If you’re thinking of applying for the American Express Platinum Card, be sure to peruse our expert picks of the top credit cards on the market today. These top cards feature alluring amenities that may help offset its steep annual fee – like airport lounge memberships and spending credits for Uber, TSA PreCheck/CLEAR/digital streaming subscriptions.

American Express does offer limited concierge services that may come in handy when buying last-minute tickets or sending flowers across state lines. With one of their top cards such as Centurion Card or Platinum Card from American Express, however, users can request the same concierge every time, providing reliable assistance when necessary.

Gift Delivery

American Express cardholders who opt for premium membership have access to an invaluable concierge service, making life simpler for them in various ways. Your concierge can assist in purchasing tickets to special events, making restaurant reservations or sending gifts directly.

Cardholders of American Express Platinum cards can reach out directly to the concierge by dialing the number printed on its back, and can request it search for certain items such as gift cards or electronics for them. It will use their payment information in order to complete any purchases on their behalf.

The concierge service is provided free of charge and can assist with a wide range of requests, such as booking tables at popular restaurants or finding last-minute show tickets. In addition, they can help travel plans by finding discounted airfare or the best hotel room rates, offering gift delivery services or providing shopping assistance services.

If the concierge cannot fulfill your request, they will immediately inform you and may offer alternatives where available. They are able to help with reservations for events, travel and dining but unfortunately cannot get access to sold-out events or VIP shows.

Other perks offered by concierges are restaurant reservation priority during peak times and special experiences like chef dinners or virtual cooking classes. Learn more about American Express Platinum concierge here.

The concierge service is one of the card’s most valuable benefits, providing restaurant reservations, event tickets and gift deliveries as necessary – an invaluable service that justifies its high annual fee.

Travel Planning

Platinum Card Concierge team also specializes in booking travel – everything from airfare, hotels, rental cars and cruises – cruises tours and other unique travel experiences are also possible!

Cardholders find this aspect of our service especially invaluable, as cardholders can access events or locations which would otherwise be sold out or difficult to purchase tickets for. For instance, concierge can often get access to popular sports and music events before they go on sale and can arrange unique dining experiences such as chef dinners or virtual cooking classes.

When disruptions or cancelled flights arise, concierges work on behalf of cardholders to make travel plans in their best interest. TPG editor Brian Kelly utilized Centurion concierge to plan his return journey home from Bali during Mount Agung volcano eruption when flights were disrupted; their expert services arranged various vans, boats and planes so he could reach America in safety.

American Express cardholders enjoy concierge services as a benefit, so anything purchased on your behalf by the concierge will be charged back to your card. Requests such as pet care, event tickets and hotel or restaurant reservations can usually be fulfilled, although this cannot be guaranteed; for example if a restaurant or concert has reached capacity the concierge might not be able to assist in fulfilling them.

The Platinum Card Concierge is an amazing benefit and is easy to utilize. By handing off some of your mundane tasks to them, it may free up more of your time for exciting endeavors like traveling, dining at new restaurants and sending gifts – these benefits of American Express premium cards should not be undervalued and taking the time to learn how best to maximize them can save both time and effort!