A Guide to Touring Caravan Insurance


If you don’t want to run the risk of being out of pocket, touring caravan insurance should be considered. It is sensible to take out insurance even though there is no legal requirement to have more than your car insurance in order to be able a caravan to be tow. It is shocking to learn that every year, over 3000 caravans are taken from the UK. This article will help you ensure that your caravan is properly insured in case of damage or loss.

You need to consider coverage and price when choosing the right insurance policy for your caravan. The cheapest insurance available may be a false economy. You may not get adequate coverage or some elements may not include. After you have determined what you need, it is time to start looking for the best policy.

Online research is the best way to find the best touring caravan insurance. You can find a lot of information online that will make it easier to search for the right insurance policy. There are many specialist caravan insurance companies that have a website, so you can choose from a wide range of options.

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Shopping around is key to saving money on everything you purchase. You may end up paying too much if you don’t get quotes from several providers. It is common to find a discount when you buy your insurance online. You will need to be specific about the elements of a caravan insurance policy.

You will need to decide whether you want ‘New for Old’ or ‘Market Value’ coverage. As you might expect, New for Old will provide you with a new caravan model. This applies to caravans that are less than five years old. The Market Value of older caravans is what will be covered. This, as you might expect, refers to the cost you would pay to replace your caravan with a similar one.

Before you buy a policy, it is important to consider the possibility of having continental insurance. You don’t have to take your caravan overseas so you don’t need it. However, if you do you should ensure that you are adequately covered for the duration of the policy. You should check that different policies have the same amount of coverage in continental areas.

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Consider your personal effects when you are looking for insurance. Many items are not covered by touring caravan insurance. Jewellery is not covered by insurance, but it may be covered under your household insurance. It is important to understand what the policy excludes and whether it is covered by other insurances. If not, you may need additional insurance.

Keep in mind, however, that if your caravan becomes uninhabitable during your absence, you will need to seek alternative accommodation. While many policies will cover this possibility, you should ensure that the accommodation provided meets your needs.

You have many options to save money on touring caravan insurance. Membership in one of the major caravan clubs can often result in a discount on your premiums. You can also save money by improving the security of your caravan with tracking devices and alarms.

If they do their research and take the time to think about what they want, caravan owners can ensure that they have the right coverage at the lowest possible price. If you don’t make an effort, you could end up paying too much to get a policy that doesn’t meet your needs. It takes some effort to find the right touring caravan insurance policy at the right price, but it brings you peace of mind.

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