A Tale of Two Insurance Producers – What Does The Winner Know?

Kim and Pat both started their own businesses on the same day, aligning themselves with the exact same provider. They instantly got along, but they soon realized that they were in competition for the same business. Both were eager to start new businesses and believed in their potential success.

It’s been just over two years since the first day Pat and Kim met. The world is very different now than it was on that first day.

Kim followed the instructions of his sales manager and did everything as he was instructed. He followed the presentation exactly. He made so many calls that it felt like his ears were going to fall out at times. He didn’t take “no” as an answer, and was always looking for the next.

He was aware that it would be difficult at first, just like he had been told. He didn’t let that stop him from being enthusiastic and confident. He was so excited and confident that he and his wife bought the RV they had been dreaming about. He believed that a little more pressure was just what he needed in order to get motivated. Kim could picture himself, his wife and the children enjoying the wilderness long before they signed the load agreement.

Kim told each client he pushed to the end that he would like “three more.” According to the sales manager, every client was worth at least three referrals. He was four clients closer to obtaining the financial security business he desired, or had it.

Kim is a shrewd entrepreneur. He is shocked that he was able to buy into the company’s kool-aide so quickly. He is now looking for work. His family and he are so in debt that there is no other option and no one to turn to. He feels exhausted and like a total and utter failure. Kim has no dream business. Kim has never felt happier in his whole life.

Kim is unable to help but wonder about Pat and his business. Kim worked 24/7 but couldn’t make a living, and Pat seems to be able to get the money rolling in. He seems to be more active than he is working. What’s the deal?

Yes, Pat seems to be on the right track. Pat began doing exactly the same things Kim did, just as he was told. Pat was unable to stand the way his sales manager treated him. He hoped that once they became clients, he would be able to show them that he was not like that. But he soon learned that first impressions can last a lifetime.

Pat realized that he had to either find a better method or leave the business. He couldn’t keep treating people this way. This was a common industry practice, so he needed to look beyond the industry for a better way. He knew that if he wanted to provide value to his clients, there had to be a way to do so.

Pat sought out a coach to help him grow his company. Pat needed to learn how market himself and have genuine sales conversations. He also had to learn how to manage his business. Pat noticed some major changes quickly.

Pat felt like an aggressive predator, always on the lookout for new game. Pat was now a magnet for people. He didn’t have to force people to make decisions or chase them. Pat felt so relieved that he was able to sleep better at night.

Pat slept better when the money started to come in. He felt a bit guilty about Kim. He didn’t feel guilty about Kim. He kept the conversation to himself at first because he had mentioned some small details to his sales manager who laughed at him and advised him to keep to what he was saying. He wanted to prove them to himself because he didn’t want to be held responsible for any other person’s failures if he was wrong. He wondered how responsible he would feel, seeing good people leave the business nearly daily.

Kim was one of those who ran out of time. Pat couldn’t do anything to help Kim right now. Pat looked around and realized that most of the older boys who have made it in this industry aren’t doing the right things. They do a lot more than Pat knows. They don’t want to reveal how they got their success.

They keep telling newbies to continue using the same tired methods that everyone knows don’t work. Pat is sad, but he has a profitable business to run so he looks forward to his next appointment.