AAA vs. Allstate: Car Insurance Comparison

It can be difficult to choose between AAA and Allstate car insurance. Both companies have a long history of being top-rated car insurance companies in their respective industries. AAA was established in 1902 and offers car coverage through several regional divisions including AAA Northern California and Nevada (AAA NCNU), which merged with AAA Arizona representing Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming, and the California State Automobile Association, (CSAA). While membership to the Auto Club is required in order to purchase car insurance, you may also be eligible for discounts elsewhere.

Allstate was established in Northbrook, Illinois 1931 in the hands of Sears, Roebuck & Co., one of the largest insurance companies in the country. Nearly everyone in the United States and Canada can get coverage through more than 12,200 Allstate agents and representatives.

Comparison of car insurance rates between AAA and Allstate

AAA’s average car insurance cost is lower than Allstate for minimum coverage. Allstate is a better option for vehicle owners looking for full coverage that includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

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Rates based on credit score

Your credit score will affect the cost of your car coverage, unless you live in California, Hawaii, or Massachusetts. In these states, carriers cannot set car insurance premiums based upon credit history. AAA Insurance offers the most competitive rates to vehicle owners with good credit ratings. Allstate might offer lower rates for people with bad credit than AAA, which would be a significant improvement on AAA’s average cost for coverage for those with low credit scores.

Rates based on age

The highest premiums for car insurance are paid by younger drivers than any other age group. Allstate’s average rates drop when parents add a young person to their coverage. AAA’s average rates for younger drivers are lower.

Driving record rates

Car insurance rates are often the most affordable for safe drivers, regardless of which carrier they use. Your car insurance premiums could rise by as much as 40% if you are convicted of one speeding ticket. While Allstate rates will increase for someone convicted of DUI, AAA could see your premiums more than double. The exact rate increase will vary depending on where you live and the provider.

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AAA vs. Allstate: Discounts

All carriers offer discounts for current and potential customers. AAA and Allstate offer many unique ways to save.


  • teenSmart Teen drivers can sign up for an internet driver-training program. This helps them learn defensive driving and pass online courses. It also saves on car insurance.
  • A good student — Students with a minimum 3.0 GPA could be eligible for a discount.
  • Advance shopping — Drivers who buy an AAA policy at least seven days prior to the policy’s effective date may be eligible for a discount


  • Bundling — Combining renters or home insurance with your car coverage can help you save money.
  • EZ Pay Plan — Set up your premiums to be paid with an automatic withdrawal from the account. This will ensure that you don’t forget to make your payments and can save you money on premiums.
  • eSmart — You could get a discount when you go paperless by opting for a complete digital insurance experience with Allstate ePolicy

Comparison of AAA and Allstate: Online and Mobile Experience

Allstate is more digitally-savvy than AAA when compared to AAA. The website of AAA is less comprehensive and requires login to view many menu options. The website of Allstate is easier to navigate and contains lots of useful information about personal finance and insurance.

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  • Apple Store 4.2 — AAA was awarded a 4.2 rating by over 20,000 iOS users. The app is primarily focused on AAA Club services, such as roadside or travel assistance.
  • Google Play 4.2 — Based on 39,000 votes, the AAA app has a rating of 4.2 out 5 The app doesn’t offer as many functions for insurance-based tasks, just like the Apple version.


  • Apple Store (4.8). The Allstate app has a score of just 4.8 from 682,000 votes. It is similar to a digital wallet that you use for your car insurance. It stores your insurance ID cards, making it easy to file a claim and order roadside assistance.
  • Google Play (3.1). The Allstate app has a score of 3.0 out of 5. For more than 77,000 Google Play users. QuickFoto allows you to take photos of damage and make payments using the app.

Questions frequently asked

How can I file an Allstate auto insurance claim?

You can make a claim by calling 1-800-ALLSTATE (1 800 255-7828), or via the Allstate mobile app or website.

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Is Allstate also able to provide roadside assistance similar to AAA?

Allstate offers roadside assistance to policyholders. AAA’s also offers members travel assistance and discounts

How do I obtain a quote for AAA car insurance?

For a quote, visit your local AAA office. Or, you can request one online by providing some details about yourself, including where you live, and what vehicle you drive.