Advanced Selling Skills – Get Your Prospect Angry


You may acquire some basic skills as you travel. The most important skills you need to sell insurance are not often publicized. These advanced skills are rarely taught to professional agents. An insurance agent who is happy and content will be a good choice. Although he is happy selling insurance, he is unhappy with his job. This article is most beneficial to the insurance rep. This advanced skill in insurance selling will prove to be very beneficial.

Before you can even consider starting your presentation, it is important to set the scene. The prospect knows that there is a need, and you are given the opportunity to discuss it. If I tell you that you don’t want to make your prospect mad, you instantly think that this is what you want. Don’t forget, though, that the most successful salespeople are those who dare to do what no one else will. Your prospect may not have heard of your approach hundreds of times before.

Sometimes emotions don’t work well enough. Think of the strong emotions that clients feel: fear, need, or greed. Fear is the strongest. Think about the fear of God. In almost all religions, fear of God is present. As they go about their day, you can see how many people don’t believe in God. People cry out for help when they are dying, whether they are religious or not. Your prospects might be aware of their fears but wait to react until it is too late.

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Fear doesn’t always work. Some people will react to scare tactics with resistance over time. The ineffective line of “Think of your Family” is often one that fails. The feeling of guilt is the same. Even if it is not based on fact, your prospects might sense that you are telling them they’re bad people. This can often be a silent killer in sales. This is often a silent killer of sales.

Persuasion is the power of persuasion. Some parts of it can be very difficult to master. Emotional work can sometimes fail because you communicate too much with the person with whom you are speaking. People should not be scared. Rather than using scare tactics, angering them is a better way to persuade people. It is also highly underrated.

Make them angry to sell insurance. You can use anger to your advantage in your sales presentation by focusing on the mistakes of others, not your own. Let’s say that the topic is family life insurance. It’s not a shame that the government spends billions of dollars on things that don’t benefit you. Then, let them answer and expand. What is it that really burns you? Let them voice their opinions or facts. You can say, “What makes you mad is the same reason I am here.” It would seem that with all the billions of dollars, the government would be more concerned about your family’s welfare if you were to die. What do you think? You let them convince you that they need to provide for their family. You have made them mad and now it is time for you to present.

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“Since so far we have not been able to get the Government doing its job, let’s show you a solution to the problem you and many other families have.” “I hope that I didn’t get you too angry.” You will get a reply like, “No it is not your fault.” You have now pre-closed them before you start your presentation. They are open to hearing their concerns and will be happy to share them with you. They will feel comfortable with you, that they can trust, and that you are the type of agent they want to do business.

MAKE THEM ANGRY about their insurance. You will focus on the mistakes of someone else. Never claim that your insurance plan will be better for you. This can lead to a debate or even a no sale. Don’t be angry! Ask for information about their current insurance coverage in the area where you plan to sell it. It is worth a quick glance. Then, exclaim loudly “Oh My Gosh!” and then pause. Continue to say, “I can’t believe you bought that.” Get them mad. “Did the agent explain everything that was missing from your policy?” Did you ever file a claim? Thank goodness. “Is this true? Are you paying $$$ for THIS coverage?” “Has the agent ever had the nerve to contact you again?” Your prospect should be angry by now. This should be followed by “Well, I specialize in this area.” “Would it be possible to view my recommendation and see the benefits that I have created with your interests in mind?”

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These aren’t gimmicks. Are you an intelligent salesperson? This technique can be used to enhance your selling skills.