Alabama Auto Insurance – What You Must Know

Alabama has a minimum liability requirement, just like other states. Before you can legally drive a vehicle in Alabama, you must have it. You can avoid the fines and suspensions that come with driving without these minimum coverages by knowing and adhering.

It is important to know what minimum liability coverage you are required to have. It would be helpful to have it listed here in order for you to be safe under Alabama’s auto insurance law. These are the details about the minimum coverage amounts.

For each victim of a crash, you are required to have at least $25,000 in bodily injury coverage.
Property damage coverage is available for a maximum of $25,000 per accident.

Important to note that these figures only reflect what the state expects of you. You may be subject to higher liability due to lawsuits arising from an auto accident. This does not cover damage to your car. What! What!? Additional coverage can be purchased to cover damages to the car of another party.

These numbers are starting to discourage some people. We will look at ways drivers can save money on their auto insurance. Alabama drivers can take advantage of discounts to save money on their auto insurance.

What is a discount?

Insurance companies offer discounts as incentives or rewards to encourage you to do business or to say “thank you.” These are some of the discounts.

1. Multiple coverage discounts. If you have different coverages, such as auto, home and health, your insurance company may offer discounts. It may be cheaper to get all of these policies from one insurer.

2. Multiple car discounts You can get a discount if you have more than one vehicle insured with the same insurer.

3. Low Mileage Discount You are more likely to get into an accident if you drive more than you should. You can receive discounts if you reduce the amount of time you drive your car. You can also join a carpool, take the subway and other options.

4. Excellent driving record. A good driving record will help you get a lower rate because you aren’t a high-risk case.

5. Defensive driving training. You will be regarded as a safer driver if you learn defensive driving.

6. Students get good grades. Good grades at school will make you a serious student driver and less likely to be involved in reckless driving or accidents. You will be able to get a lower rate if you do this.

There are many ways to get discounts and lower your rates. Ask your agent for more information. You can contact the Alabama Department of Insurance for more information on auto insurance coverage in Alabama at 334-269-3550.