Allstate Drivewise review

Allstate’s Drivewise(r), a program that monitors your driving habits, uses state-of the-art telematics technology. Drivewise uses a mobile phone app to track you as you drive and sends this information to Allstate. This data is used by the company to reward you for safe driving. The best thing? The best part? It’s free, even if your Allstate account is not active!

What does Allstate Drivewise(r), do?

Drivewise(r), which monitors the speed of your car every time it is driven, alerts you when your car reaches 20 mph. It runs in the background of your phone or other device and does not interfere with any other activities such as making calls.

The app tracks three characteristics: speed (safe speed is anything less than 80 mph), brakes, and time of day.

It uses approximately the same amount as other navigational apps, so it won’t drain your battery. Allstate recommends that your phone be charged while driving. It does not use much data and is only uploaded at end of each trip when it is connected to Wi-Fi or cell.

Allstate will also send you a small device that is about half the size a pack card, which plugs into your dashboard.

The device monitors your car’s activities and can even be used as a diagnostic function. It will let you know when there is a problem and make an appointment to have it fixed.

Allstate Drivewise(r), App

Allstate Drivewise(r), a mobile app for Android and Apple, is readily downloadable. You can use your smartphone to access the app and manage drivers, claims, and payments. You can also display trip information, cash rewards and more on your dashboard.

Drivewise(r), which offers an additional discount for safe driving, is another benefit that insurance companies offer. You will also be able to receive customized insights into your driving habits. You can earn cash back rewards by simply downloading the app and driving safely.

Drivewise(r), which is a process that allows users to cheat the system by altering or modifying the app and/or data it connects, can result in the loss of discounts, rewards, and service. Allstate could take legal action against those who try to tamper the Drivewise(r).

How to sign up for Allstate Drivewise(r).

You must be a policyholder to enroll in most discount insurance programs that are usage-based. Non-customers can also use the Drivewise(r), app to monitor their driving habits.

Downloading the mobile app is easy. Once the app has been downloaded, you will need to create an account. Select “Drivewise” from the menu and then follow the instructions.

The Drivewise(r), however, is not accessible in all states. Reward levels vary depending on state laws. To find out if Drivewise (r) is available in your area, contact an Allstate agent.

Who should use Allstate Drivewise(r).

Drivewise(r), a great choice for those who drive at a safe speed, practice good braking habits, and keep to the posted speed limit. Existing policyholders may be eligible for a discount for signing up for the program. There are also opportunities to earn additional cash rewards after the monitoring period.

Parents can register their teens in Drivewise(r). They can also monitor their trip data and see how their children perform behind the wheel. Drivewise(r), which detects dangerous driving behaviors, can send teens instant alerts and provide tips for improving their driving skills.

Allstate Drivewise(r), which is available in all 50 states, may be the right program for drivers who drive on roads with speeds exceeding 80 mph.

Is Allstate Drivewise(r), actually lowering rates?

Allstate claims savings of up to 40% on auto insurance premiums through its Drivewise(r).

Earn reward points by completing safe driving challenges or other activities like redeeming promo codes via Allstate email and filling out surveys on Allstate mobile.

Your cash rewards will be credited to your account when you renew your policy. However, rewards points are added to your balance within a few days of completing a driving challenge.

You may be eligible for discounts and rewards points that vary from one state to the next. To find out if Allstate Drivewise (r) is available in your area, you will need to speak with your agent. Allstate customers can redeem their rewards points for:

  • Auctions
  • Car rentals
  • Daily Deal with Savings up to 80%
  • Gift certificates
  • Hotel rooms
  • Subscriptions to magazines
  • Up to 40% Discount on Merchandise
  • Sweepstakes entries
  • Local deals

What track does Allstate Drivewise(r), track?

Drivewise(r), an app that monitors your speed and location, time of day, performance, and braking, can be found on the Drivewise(r). Avoid driving at speeds exceeding 80 mph, reduce hard braking, and avoid late-night driving as these are times when more road accidents happen. Allstate can also track your trips and maps through the app. However, Allstate employees who are part of service policies won’t have access to any location information, but agents will.

Is Allstate Drivewise(r) worth it?

Drivewise(r), which is available to existing Allstate customers, offers potential savings and no risk. Other insurance companies like Progressive or Root can offer usage-based programs that reduce and raise rates based on telematics data. However, Allstate’s Drivewise (r) program offers only rewards for good drivers and no risk of higher rates for those who drive poorly. Drivers without an Allstate policy may use the Drivewise(r), app to track their driving skills and determine if they might be eligible for savings if switching to Allstate.

Allstate Drivewise(r), with the majority of users agreeing that it saves money, has generally positive reviews.

High density urban areas, where congestion and hard breaking are common, would be an exception. These people may feel that the app is unfairly granting them rewards or premium discounts if they live in such areas.

Allstate Drivewise was created to give you insight into safe driving habits, not to calculate premium costs. It should not increase your rates if it is necessary to use hard brakes or make other mistakes. Allstate Drivewise(r) is risk-free.

You can cancel your Drivewise(r), at any time, and enrollment is completely free. Drivewise(r), which offers cash back and reward points, is well worth a look.