Allstate vs. Nationwide: car insurance comparison

Allstate ranks fifth in the U.S. in terms of market share, at 4.73%. Since 1931, it has been selling auto insurance policies. It now offers a wide range of products including identity protection and auto insurance. Allstate boasts more than 12,000 agents across the U.S., and has pioneered innovative programs such as the Drivewise telematics program that saves drivers safe and responsible driving.

Nationwide ranks tenth in the U.S. in terms of market share, accounting for 2.55%. Since 1926, it has sold insurance. It offers policies for homes, cars, farms, animals, and other purposes. It is financially sound, so it will always be there for you even in the event of a regional disaster.

Comparison of car insurance rates between Allstate and Nationwide

Our Bankrate Score is a qualitative tool that can be used when comparing Allstate to Nationwide. This score includes average premium costs, customer services and financial stability. In 2020 J.D., the two companies are neck and neck. Based on how well each company handles claims, the power rankings are determined. Allstate has a lead over Nationwide in average annual Premiums. However, your rate could be lower.

Rates based on credit score

This chart is based upon the most recent data from Quadrant Information Services. It shows that your credit rating plays an important role in determining your premium. Nationwide is the winner with lower average rates for each credit tier than Allstate. When looking for the best rates, be aware that your rates may vary. You might want to get quotes from multiple insurers. Insurers can’t use your credit rating if you live in California, Hawaii, or Massachusetts.

Rates based on age

Your premium will also be determined by your age. While younger drivers are likely to pay more than those who are older, rates can vary depending on the provider. Nationwide rates are generally cheaper than Allstate, but Allstate charges a higher premium.

Driving record rates

Your driving record can have an impact on your rate. The less accidents you have the more likely you are to file a claim. Allstate and Nationwide both show an increase in rates for traffic violations, but Nationwide’s rate increases are lower than Allstate’s.

Allstate vs. Nationwide Discounts

You can save money on your premiums by using discounts. Nearly every insurer offers at most a few. You should review your policy every year to ensure you get all discounts that you are eligible. Allstate offers 11 discounts compared to Nationwide’s 9.


  • Smart student — If your age is less than 25 and you are not married, you may be eligible to save money if you attend school 100 miles from home, or have completed Allstate’s TeenSMART driver education program.
  • FullPay — If your annual premium can be paid in one payment, you may qualify for a discount.
  • Anti-lock brakes/anti theft device — You could be eligible for a discount if your car has one or both of these devices.

All over the country

  • SmartRide — The safe driving program requires that you download an app which gives both you and the company real time information about your driving habits. You can save up 40% if you are a safe driver.
  • Bundling — Nationwide estimates that bundling homeowners insurance with car insurance could help you save on average $646 per year
  • Accident-free — You may qualify for a discount if you are a clean driver record.

Comparison of Allstate and Nationwide: Online and Mobile Experience

Many people prefer to conduct their business while on the move, using their smartphones. Allstate and Nationwide offer apps for Android and iOS that make it easy to manage your account and file claims.


  • App Store (4.8 star) — Allstate’s iOS application features a complete list of tasks that you can manage. You can access your ID cards, docs and bill information, call for roadside assistance, and use the Drivewise safe driving program. Access Allstate Digital Footprint is also available to keep your online presence secure.
  • Google Play (3.1 Stars) — Allstate’s Android application has the same features and user reviews as the iOS version but has lower ratings. Users complain about a glitchy interface, which freezes or crashes sometimes.

All over the country

  • App Store (4.4 star) — Nationwide’s iOS apps offer face ID and touch ID login, Apple Pay access, and more. You can use the accident checklist to file a claim, pay your bills, select a repair shop, or rent a car, and also manage document delivery.
  • Google Play (4.0 star) — Nationwide’s Android App does everything that the App Store version does. You can pay your bill and file a claim. Get roadside assistance. Although the app has positive reviews, there are still areas for improvement.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company offers the best policies?

There is no one company that is right for everyone. It is a good idea to get quotes from multiple insurers in order to find the one that offers you the best price and provides excellent service. Many people begin their search by checking out the top insurance companies.

Which insurers offer the lowest rates?

Nearly 6,000 insurance agencies are located in the United States. Your rates will vary with each one. An average insurance policy is $1,674 per year. However, you might be able find a lower rate by getting quotes from several insurers before making your decision.

How can I lower my auto insurance rate?

There are several options. You can shop around to determine if switching to another carrier makes sense. You should also ensure that you receive all discounts which are available. Consider raising your deductible, if possible. This will lower your premium.