Am I Crazy to Help Insurance Agents Increase Sales? Sales Coach


Many would say, “I must be.” Some people view insurance salespeople as a disease that must be eradicated. Telling people that you sell insurance can make them scurry and run to escape you like you have a disease. How can you increase sales when most people are trying to avoid you?

This reaction is very familiar to you. However, I’d like you to picture a completely new scenario. Before I share my scenario, I want to warn you that there are important lessons you can learn to help increase your sales. Are you ready?

I would like to take your out in 90 days. A typical day for you can be completed in as little as 90 days. It’s exciting and productive. You get up in the morning and are excited about the day ahead. As you walk towards your dream car, there is a skip in the step as you drive to your first appointment.

Your prospects will warmly greet and tell you all about themselves. Listening intently will help you understand their needs. However, instead of telling them what your solution is, you help them discover the best way to help them. They are determined to get what you have right now. You and your prospect will not feel “sold” anything. Both of you will feel that you have helped them find the best solution for their situation.

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Each appointment is almost the same throughout the day. You feel great pride knowing you have helped many people achieve their goals. You will feel proud as the day ends. You can expect more tomorrow and in the future. As a trusted advisor, you have the financial resources to live the life that you desire.

Did you not want to increase sales, and live the life you dreamed of? You are highly motivated to have that life. You would be motivated to write that check if you knew the life-changing value that you will receive.

Here’s what you can take away from this story. You will notice how I used word images when sharing my envisioned future. Your mind couldn’t see the letters C-A-R in the word car, so you imagined your dream car. Notice how I used the present tense to paint the picture for you. This picture also demonstrated the exact results you desire and the actions you want your prospects take. All of these factors create an emotional response in you that motivates you to take action, and to do so now. This is what you want your prospects do.

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