Annuity Appointment Setting – Super Sales Techniques


The Drop-By System is the best technique for setting up annuity appointments. The Drop-By System is the most effective method for setting an appointment. However, if your car is totaled, your legs are broken and you have to call someone, I always tell my agents that it is not the usual warm fuzzy greeting to start the conversation. Your statement should (1) make them feel a little, and (2) present a problem that is both a benefit to owning an annuity (without using the word “annuity”). This formula can be used with any product.

For example, “Hello, Mrs. Jones? Hello, my name is _____, I work at the _____ agency. I have been trying to get in touch with you since I noticed that some of my clients who are retired pay income taxes on social security. They don’t have to. I am a local financial advisor and can help you reduce or eliminate income tax on your social security. Unless you want me to stay longer, I will spend between 10 and 15 minutes with your. There is no cost. There is no charge.

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At this point, your prospect is responsible for saying, “No thanks. I’m no interest,” or something else. This has just disrupted her world. You’ll be able to do a better job at annuity appointment setting if your understanding that a “No” is just a subconscious reaction from childhood will help you. The word “No” was the most frequent in our childhood. It was what we received almost every time we requested something.

“Mommy, can you have a cookie?”


“Daddy, can you drive the car?”


As a professional salesperson, your job is to realize that human brains are wired to say “No” to almost any proposition. It is how our circuits work. Negative responses can be anything from a simple “no” to a scathing harangue. Your automatic, steadfast response should be to pull the plug and short-circuit the connection. This will neutralize your prospect’s mind.

You can use the old saying “feel, felt and found”: “I certainly understand what you feel, Mrs. Jones. Many people, including some of your neighbors, felt the same way initially. They realized the problem was simple and were able to save hundreds of dollars each year on unnecessary taxes. You can weaken your prospect’s natural resistance and turn the call into a back-and forth conversation by putting water on it.

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You’re now allowed to continue: We find that many people don’t realize that probate court will eat up a portion of the estate they wish to leave to their grandchildren and children. I am a financial advisor and can help you fix this. Unless you want me to spend more time, I will only spend 10-15 minutes with you. There is no cost. There’s no charge.

Prepare for it. It’s back: “No thanks,” she said, “we already have a financial advisor who has been with us for many years.” Mrs. Jones is just playing her part in the annuity appointment setting competition. She’s also telling you exactly what she wants to convince Mrs. Jones to say yes. Pay close attention to what she says. You’ll first need to neutralize her objection. Then, you will use her exact words for identifying “…. OUR SERVICES WORK BEST FOR THE PEOPLE WHO GET THE MOST OUT OF OUR SERVICES.

You could say, for example, “I understand what you feel, mrs. Jones” (neutralize). Those who have financial advisors are likely to reap the greatest benefits from our services. A good financial advisor will advise you to seek a second opinion, just as a good doctor would. This is my specialty and I can help you avoid probate’s delays and expense. Unless you want me to spend more time, I will only spend 10-15 minutes with you. There is no cost. There is no charge.

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If you don’t hear clicks and dial tones, there may be a slight ringing in her voice. Her “We-already-have-a-financial-advisor” line worked with the last salesperson. What is the matter with you? She now has to think about her answer or go back to the “I’m interested” response. If she replies with anything other than “I’m interested”, she will tell you what she wants to get you to say yes. These responses could include:

“I’m too busy right here.”

“Our son in law takes care of these things.”

“We already have all the insurance that we need.”

“I don’t have any money.”

“I do not accept phone solicitations.”

Preparing your script for every scenario is a way to stay ahead of your opponent. Write them down in your own words. As an outline, use the script above to help you write the main points of her response. Next, follow up with a second problem that she should be concerned about. This is another benefit of an annuity. You should not be afraid to try new things. Annuity appointment setting can be a game of logic and wits. You will be more successful at appointment setting and ultimately selling annuities if you are more differentiated from the three telemarketers she sent.

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If you have to deal with someone who is indifferent and uncreative, this might be the best thing for them.

“Mrs. Jones it’s fine if you’re interested. I have one question for you. Here, work with me. Imagine that all you have – your home and savings, investments, and everything else – were going to be taken from you next week. Let’s imagine I called you exactly like I do today and said that I could help you protect your financial future responsibly so that nothing bad happens. Are you going to tell me that you aren’t interested or would I rather sit down and show you how it works, before anything similar happens?

We know that many people have large amounts of their savings in banks, stocks and bonds, real estate, etc. It can all be attached by a civil court judgment. But it doesn’t have that way. I am a financial advisor and can help you fix this. Unless you want me to spend more time, I will only spend 10-15 minutes with you. There is no cost. There’s no charge.

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You get the idea? Annuity appointment setting is something you must eat, drink and breathe.