Annuity Marketing Tactics To Sell More Annuities

Selling annuities is by far the easiest sales in the insurance industry. It all comes down to positioning and focusing. Numbers are the focus. The secret to annuity success is having many people to tell it to. It takes leads and lots of them.

All insurance agents have one thing in common: who can I see today? Agents are often paranoid because they fear not being able to speak to anyone. It is easy to do more marketing. It is all about numbers.

Here’s how you do it. As an example, choose seniors 65 years and older as your target market. You can target any demographic, income level or age group. After you have identified your target market, put your marketing plan into motion.

There are many ways to market your marketing plan. Let’s keep it simple and use direct mail (direct contact). Select a topic that is most relevant to your target market. Here are some examples of topics:

Your social security taxable income can be reduced

Protect your assets against nursing home expenses

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How to lower taxes and new rules for your IRA

Avoid probate costs for your heirs

Next, choose a service that will do the marketing. This allows you to outsource the actual work. There are many options available. You can try several to find the one that suits your needs and is closest to you. Google will give you many options, but I prefer Russ Jones, Kramer Mailing Services, and America’s Recommended Mailers.

For a solid year, mail 5,000 mailings per month. Don’t stop. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t lose sight of it. You can expect to earn about 2% and pay approximately $1,300 per month.

Consider the expected return on 100 leads. Have a professional telemarketer set up your appointments. It should cost about $10. You can expect to receive approximately 40 quality leads per month or 10 on average each week if the averages hold. You can place the leads you cannot see in a drip program and have your telemarketer recall them every two months for a full year. You will make 1 (one) sale per week if you work 10 quality leads per week. The drip system will give you 1/2 sales every other month.

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For a total of 52 sales per year, you will need to add 6 drip systems for a total total of 58. The industry average of $37,000 can be used to calculate the average premium per sale. Multiplying the $37,000 by the 58 sales will give you $2,146,000.

Multiplying the premium of $2,146,000 times the average commission (varies and should not be lower) will give you a gross income of $152,220. Add your cost of leads (12 month times $1,300 = $15,000.) to the gross income. This will give you a net income of $136,620 after sales costs. The cost of the telemarketer must also be averaged. This will depend on your individual situation, but $500 per month is a good guideline.

A $136,620 annual income will put you among the top.6% income earners in America. It is a straightforward process that relies on numbers. The most important tip is to throw away leads you can’t reach or those that want to be contacted. You will be free if you throw away the leads.

It is simple, straightforward, and completely manageable. It is also very profitable.

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