Are Insurance Agents Still Relevant?

Insurance shopping has never been easier thanks to the internet. Online insurance purchases are now possible. There are many benefits to buying insurance online. Online insurance is easy to use and saves time. Customers are not pressured to buy insurance. Third, customers can compare rates and benefits online and apply for insurance from the comfort of home.

Online insurance is gaining more attention. Is there still room in the market for agents?

“Would the insurance profession be obsolete like a keypunch operator, typewriter or keypunch operator?”

Insurance agents still have relevance.

“Do we still need the services of insurance agents?”


Insurance is still a people business. It is important to establish a relationship with people.

Internet is not a way to get along with people. Online customers can’t be human. They can’t speak to us eyeball to eyeball. We cannot see their faces and hear their voices. We don’t know whether they smile or frown. We don’t know if they are confident or cautious. It is difficult to discern if they are hiding concerns or worries.

Tone of voice and body language convey so many messages. All these messages are filtered when customers contact us online. It is difficult to share our feelings, but it is often the emotion that drives us to act. We don’t know their motivations and excitement. We would have asked the right questions if we knew.

In the internet age, insurance agents still have relevance and may be more important than ever. E-Commerce has taken over many business transactions. This creates an ironic vacuum in the human need for connection and affiliation. More people need care and attention than ever before. This is why caregiving professions will be in high demand over the next few years.

Insurance agents play an important role, regardless of what happens. Insurance agents help people prepare for any unexpected event that could have a significant financial impact.

Insurance agents have the mission to ensure that there are three meals at the table, even if the breadwinner has passed away. They also help to ensure that the widow continues to care for her children and provide enough income to cover the family’s expenses.

Three reasons are there to use the services of an insurance agent.

1. It can be difficult to manage your financial affairs. There are many factors to consider, including financial security and estate planning, education planning and retirement planning, investment strategies, tax implications, and tax implication. Agents are needed to help us understand our financial situation from a wider perspective.

2. Prescription of medication is required for medical diagnosis. An agent will also analyze the customer’s financial status and prioritizes after a fact find. To determine what type of advice to give, the agent will consider the customer’s financial situation and priorities. Before presenting the customer with the most cost-effective package solutions, the agent will have the ability to identify different plans from different companies.

3. Everyone has different financial circumstances and considerations. There is no single product that will meet all your needs. It is like using aspirin to relieve headaches quickly without consulting a doctor. An individual may find himself with an insurance policy that doesn’t meet his needs, just as a patient suffering side effects from aspirin.

Before recommending the best financial solutions, insurance agents should be viewed as financial advisors.

Although many people appear to be healthy, you should look closer at their financial health. Many more are suffering from financial hypertension or financial cancer. This is why so many people end up bankrupt because they are unable to properly manage their finances or feel helpless when faced with unexpected events.

Insurance agents are needed to ensure our financial security, just as we need doctors to provide the best medical treatment to keep us healthy.

Online insurance is a threat to the existence and integrity of insurance agents?

No. It is not now or in the foreseeable future. Online insurance may do more good than harm for insurance agents. Online insurance can increase the insurance knowledge of customers and allow them to offer more comprehensive coverage. Only agents can offer advice and solutions specific to customers’ situations.