Are Prp Knee Injections Covered By Insurance?

Prp knee injections are a popular treatment for people with knee pain. They’re injected into the patella tendon, which is the tendon that connects the kneecap to the thighbone. This treatment is often used alongside other treatments, like surgery or physical therapy. The good news is that prp knee injections are usually covered by insurance, though there may be some exceptions.

What are Prp Knee Injections?

Prp knee injections are a type of medical injected that are used to relieve pain from conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis. They belong to a class of drugs called biologics, which are manufactured outside the body and must be administered by a healthcare professional. Prp injections are not covered by insurance, but they may be eligible for benefits through certain programs.

What are the risks of Prp Knee Injections?

Prp knee injections are a treatment option for people who have a condition called anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. A prp injection is made up of growth factor, which stimulates the body to heal the ACL tear and restore joint function. Prp injections are considered safe when performed by an experienced doctor, and they are usually covered by insurance. However, there are some risks associated with prp injections, including the risk of infection and bleeding. If you experience any problems after receiving a prp injection, be sure to seek medical attention.

Are Prp Knee Injections covered by insurance?

Knee injections, also known as prp injections, are a procedure used to treat osteoarthritis and pain in the knee. Prp injections use a small amount of your own blood to help healing and relief from pain. As prp injections are considered an experimental or investigational treatment, they may not be covered by insurance. You may be able to find a policy that includes coverage for experimental treatments if you speak with your insurance company.


Prp knee injections are a relatively new and growing treatment option for people suffering from various types of knee injuries. While some insurance companies may have programs in place that cover these treatments, others may not. If you are uncertain whether or not your insurance company will cover prp knee injections, speak with your doctor about the possibility of coverage.