Are You a Brand? From Marketing to Branding, From Visibility to Credibility


There are approximately 432 million websites that contain the term agent if you type “agent” into a search engine. You can find 9 million websites that are about insurance agent if you search for “agent”. If you’re from California, there are more than 2.9 millions websites available if you zoom in on ‘insurance agency California’.

Your customers should think of you when they think about insurance. They would choose you to provide insurance coverage if they needed it. This is possible only if your name appears first in the mental search engine for your customers. This is branding.

What is a Brand?

Nokia rings people’s bells when they think about mobile phones; Coca Cola comes to mind when they think of soft drinks; Apple is the most common image people associate with personal computers; Starbucks is the most commonly associated with coffeehouses. You want people to think about you when they think about insurance.

Branding isn’t just for businesses. People can also brand themselves. Branding is something Hollywood stars and TV personalities do. This is a common practice of many world-renowned athletes and sportswomen. You don’t have to stop branding yourself. If you don’t market yourself, other people will.

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You may be more focused on marketing and selling at the beginning of your company. If you are looking to build a long-term business, it is worth focusing on personal branding once you have established your business. Marketing is all about building your brand, visibility, and credibility.

Your customers need to see you as a presence. Marketing is all about breadth, branding is all about depth. Marketing is about making people familiar with your brand and service. Branding allows people to know your story and your unique qualities.

Marketing is all about the product; branding is about who you are. People want to know more than just the product or service. They also want to know the personality of the people who deliver them. The character of the salesperson is what determines the quality and how pleasant or unpleasant the customer’s experience with them.

Why is branding important?

Strong brands are synonymous with endorsements. It conveys confidence and competence in your profession or business. It builds trust and reduces stress associated with making a purchase decision. Brands have a huge influence on us all. Customers are more willing to pay for your unique advice and services, which allows you to command higher sales. Reputable brands help you build loyal customers. Customers expect you to remain in business for a long time.

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How to do personal branding?

Do a self-analysis. Find out your distinctive qualities and your unique strengths. Ask yourself soul-searching questions. Consider this: What’s the purpose of your existence? What are you most passionate about? What are your passions? What are your moments in glory? What do you want others to think about you?

Your brand identity will guide everything you do once you have created it. Your image and conduct should be aligned with your mission and values. Next, you might want to think of a few words that best represent the brand’s values and identity. This tagline can help people create a positive image. You can see examples: “Insurance Solutions From A to Z” from Allianz, Amica’s “We keep our promises” and Aviva’s “Taking care what is important” and Zurich’s “Because Change Happenz”.

Your brand identity and values should be incorporated into your business cards and sales presentations, as well as your speaking style and website. Your business card is a powerful tool that helps you stand out among the crowd. A professional designer will understand your branding requirements. Color printing can make your business cards visually appealing. Personify your sales presentation. Your customers should feel the difference in your sales approach.

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It is important to be visible. You want people know you. People should see you and have the opportunity to meet you. People should talk about you. Networking is essential. You need to meet people outside of your industry. Professional associations may offer you the opportunity to speak as a guest speaker at seminars. People should have a positive impression of you and acknowledge your contributions.

You can share useful information with your readers by writing articles for newspapers, magazines, or periodicals. This will allow you to reach more people. You can also brand yourself as an expert by writing articles, ebooks, or newsletters. To help people learn more about you, you can blog. Write from the heart. Your blog is your brand and your identity.

The internet has made it easy to find similar products and services from many insurance brokers. Your name could be forgotten by hundreds of thousands of others if you don’t identify yourself. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, branding is a must. Your business’ true value will be built by your brand.

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