Are You an Insurance Agent Or Agency Looking For a Steady Stream of Appointments With Prospects?


For a long time, insurance agents have struggled to find a solution for their biggest problem: not enough time. There is not enough time to meet prospects and travel, let alone follow up on new leads. This leaves little time to set appointments and maintain a pipeline. It is easy to lose the ball on both these fronts. You can be distracted by prospects or check your voicemail before you rush on to the next prospect. What’s the solution?

Outsourcing. Outsourcing is a tactical, low-value, but crucial task of appointment-setting. You can focus on what you do best, selling your products and services while meeting face to face with prospects. This will allow you to be at your best while meeting prospects. With the help of an experienced appointment-setting company, your appointments pipeline will be strong.

Prospect appointments usually result from a two-step process.

a) Lead Generation

b) Lead Follow up and appointment setting


It is becoming a common practice in the insurance industry to have a set of defined internet-generated leads. It is becoming increasingly difficult and economically uneconomical to generate insurance leads using the traditional methods of mailers or cold calling in this information overload world. The majority of the industry has signed up for one of the many online-based lead generation agencies to provide them with “live prospects.” Live leads are those that you receive when a consumer responds to an ad on the internet with a request for more information or a quote.

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LEAD FOLLOWUP AND APPOINTMENT SECTION Signing up for an internet-based lead generation agency and obtaining a steady stream is the easiest part of the two-step process.

While targeted internet leads can be of high quality, they also come with two logistical challenges:

Internet leads can be generated around-the-clock, making it easy to follow up.

b) Internet leads are often difficult to reach by phone so it is important to follow up with experience-based methods.

Not only will it help you overcome the logistical problems mentioned above, but also allow you to concentrate on your core function of creating revenue by outsourcing appointment setting and lead follow-up to an experienced vendor. This task can be done in an inefficient way, or you could outsource to a poor vendor. The result will be a low quality pipeline and wasted valuable leads.

How does it work? What should I look out for in an appointment-setting firm?

These are the key capabilities that allow appointment-setting companies to deliver superior results.

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1) Industry knowledge and understanding of target markets

2) A rigourous process and flexible technology are used to create a customized solution that best suits your needs.

3) A cost-effective solution that provides superior client service

1. Industry knowledge and understanding of target markets

The vendor must have a good understanding of the insurance industry and the dynamics that surround it. Associates of the vendor should have experience with insurance products and a good understanding of the target market.

2. Flexible technology and a rigorous process allow you to create a customized solution that suits your needs.

Effective results can only be achieved if the vendor has a process that is both rigorously followed and flexible to market feedback. Rigorous systems can lead to disaster. Each lead should be pursued meticulously and methodically.

You should have access to the vendor’s technology via communication channels you choose. This will allow you to receive details about the appointment setup, feedback from leads, and market intelligence.

3. Superior client service and cost-effective solutions

Vendors should promote a culture that encourages cost-consciousness and frugality, but not at the expense of providing exceptional value and responsive service to clients. Vendors should be honest partners who offer suggestions and recommendations that will improve the program’s effectiveness.

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Probient is a company that specializes in providing unique and niche solutions for its clients. They are inquisitive, innovative, and inimitable. Probient is a specialist in appointment setting for small and medium-sized businesses. Many companies offering appointment setting services to large corporations can’t provide personalized attention, flexibility or management of smaller programs because their processes are designed for large-scale programs.

Probient has many custom features that can be customized at very competitive rates. These include calling on weekends and evenings at no extra cost, adaptive scripting, client schedule management, and call log management.

Probient has extensive experience in appointment-setting within the insurance industry. Probient has a proven record of providing the best appointment-setting program at a reasonable price.