Are You Covered by Your Auto Insurance Policy After This Type of Accident Or Loss?


What if I drive a Florida vehicle owned by someone else?

Yes. Yes. The Florida insurance policy that covers the vehicle is primary. It would pay first for any injuries or damages. You can also get liability coverage on a policy that you do not drive, but which covers the cost of paying for damages or injuries if your primary insurance is insufficient.

What if I borrow a car from a friend?

Yes. Yes, but they must be listed on the policy as drivers if the household member and/or friend are regular operators of the vehicle. Otherwise, the claim could be denied due to material misrepresentation.

Are I covered for items bought at the mall or stolen from my car?

No. A homeowners or renters policy may provide coverage for personal property in your vehicle.

What if my car is driven in another state?

Yes. Yes. If needed, your Florida auto insurance policy can automatically raise liability limits to ensure compliance with other states minimum requirements.

If someone is at fault for an accident that results in my car being damaged or stolen, am I covered for renting a car?

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Yes. Yes. For rental car reimbursement, you must indicate that you are the at-fault driver on your declarations page.

What are my rights when I rent a car for vacation?

Yes. Yes. An insured vehicle also includes a temporary replacement such as a rental automobile. This coverage does not cover rental vehicles that are used in your business or for the purpose of your occupation.

What if my car gets damaged by fire, hurricane or other natural disasters while it is in my garage?

Yes, and no. Yes and no. If you select the comprehensive option, which is indicated on the declarations page. Your policy will cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle less any deductible. A homeowner or renters policy will not cover motor vehicles under any circumstance.

Are my attorney fees covered if I cause an injury and am sued?

Yes. Yes. Your insurance company will decide whether to defend or settle any legal action brought against you by someone who uses or owns your motor vehicle. You do not need to retain an attorney and pay for them.

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What are my options for towing my car if it is damaged in an accident?

Yes, and no. Towing is covered if you are at fault for an accident. Towing will be covered if you are not at fault for the accident.

What if the puddle is too deep to fit my vehicle?

Yes, and no. A separate flood insurance policy, unlike a homeowners or renters policy, is not required for water damage coverage on your car. To receive water damage compensation, you must select the Comprehensive coverage option.

What if my car’s engine starts ablaze?

Both yes and no. Yes and no. Fire damage is covered by your Comprehensive coverage. No Comprehensive option will be available if your policy does not include it.

What are my options for special equipment on my vehicle?

Yes, and no. Most insurance companies will pay a small amount for specialized equipment if you have Collision or Comprehensive options. This is usually around $1,000. You may be eligible to add coverage by paying an additional premium to your insurance company.

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What if my car is damaged by a valet attendant while it was being parked?

Yes, and no. To be eligible for Collision coverage, you must have it on your policy. To compensate for the money you have paid for repairs to your vehicle, your insurance company could subrogate from the valet company’s insurance policy.