Are You Losing $200 a Day?


If your target income is $100,000, and you are at $50,000 every day, you are losing $200 in income. This number is almost alarming when you consider the time value money. This is why no rational person would allow it to happen.

There are two types of people I won’t work with as a coach: The first is the group that can talk and plan well but when it comes to action they have an excuse. The second group is either familiar with everything or has already heard it all. It’s time to wake up if you are one of these people.

Change is necessary to achieve better results. Change is difficult and uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter what type of change you are trying to bring about, it will take action.

Your commitment to action will determine your success. You must take the right action and not just any action. Most people confuse action with right action, which leads to poor results and a lot of hard work.

You’ve likely heard it all before. There are no new ideas for most things in the world. Sales has been around since the beginning. This means that almost everything you need to know about sales is already known. There is a huge difference between knowing something and hearing it, and actually understanding and implementing what you have heard.

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This is where the $200 per day catch 22 comes into play. You may have heard it before, but if it isn’t working for you, it’s because you haven’t implemented what you have learned correctly. Your implementation flaws could be small or large.

Insanity is when you try to do the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. You think you are doing everything right, but you don’t realize the mistakes you make. Only the results you see will tell you that something isn’t working.

What do you do? Are you going to continue throwing $200 per day and $4,000 per month away as you try to figure what’s wrong? Do you decide to put an end to financial bloodletting and take the necessary steps to achieve the results you desire?

Only you can make the decision. Logically, you’d think that any reasonable person would do whatever it takes in order to close the gap between what they want and what they are getting. If you think that sounds like you, then you probably aren’t in one of these groups.

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You are willing, able and able make a decision and take action. You are aware that you have the opportunity to improve and can see the results on your bottom line. You will receive the support you need to increase sales and decrease frustration.

Some people would rather be blamed for their failures than be victims. Some people believe they know all there is and can’t be helped. You are not one of these people. If you don’t see the results that you desire, make a commitment to work with a coach today.